Autumn Term Film Scheduling

I’ll put it up shortly

The 300 sequel has been pushed back to March 2014. Epic please!

Based on what and where?
The new schedule as agreed upon at the programming meeting, including the changes to the scheduling for swapping Friday and Saturday around.


Alas, tis true:

Harry… please could we see the schedule on the website to facilitate publicity et al?

I have mailed it to alina but I exams all this week so it won’t go up until friday afternoon earliest

Thanks Harry!

And thanks for the choc orange - even if it did gunk up my phone :-/

Is it too late to bump “After Earth” to a single or even off the schedule entirely given that it has been panned by everyone? It’s currently on 4.6 on imdb after 8,500 votes.

I’d keep it on the schedule, but move it to a single. No idea what to switch it with though.

It may be worth working Behind the Candelabra onto the schedule at the expense of After Earth.

Hell, Fast and Furious 6 has done better than After Earth, in fact it’s done surprisingly well.

Maybe get that one in too?

Fast and Furious 6 is currently on the schedule as a single (week 4), though I agree/would be tempted to swap it for After Earth if the latter keeps on performing so lowly.

I wouldn’t boot After Earth of the schedule altogether though - not without some sensible suggestions as to what to replace it with.

Personally I wouldn’t go with behind the Candelabra - can’t see it drawing many in, though I’ll admit that it’s not the sort of thing that I’m at all interested in, so that’s probably a big part of the equation!

Before we do any shuffling I would like to first see how well they both do ultimately and what we lose in the booking stages. So far, as of this morning, we have lost Halloween (1978) and Tron (70mm). I’ve already replaced Halloween with a potentially controversial Blair Witch Project and I am yet to look at our 70mm crib sheet for a Tron alternative. I shall update the schedule properly once I return from London.

I’d like to suggest The Purge as a strong contender for the reserves list - it’s been doing well and George said it was good :slight_smile:

I second the Purge (I’d even be tempted to put it ahead of Fast and Furious 6 as a replacement double to be honest since the previous Fast and Furious didn’t do so well with us).

I disagree with Rob about Behind the Candelabra as I think it probably should be on the schedule. It’s not my sort of film either but it has been getting a lot of attention and could do really well.

I third ‘The Purge’ (ahead of ‘Behind the Candelabra’ but both would be good on the schedule.)

The 70mm is now Alien (again). In part this is because it will do well on a Friday evening but mainly as I have received an updated list of the 70mm films available from Bradford and the pickings are ‘slim’ shall we say.

We could then show Aliens in 70-mm in spring.

I dunno if it’s still there, but This Is The End is continuing to pull in some good reviews (probably gonna be this year’s Ted) and I think it might deserve a better spot than in Reading Week.

Any opinions?

Do we yet know what the 35mm/digital split is?