Autumn Term Schedule 3.0

Good day to you all.

It’s time for version 3.0 of the Autumn Term schedule! We’ve spent a lot of time and good debate over the structure and content of this schedule. We’re quite happy with welcome week and we would love everyones help in getting the rest of the schedule polished like leather shoes on prom night!
The Link:!AhlusaLY4HUFgdBMpREeGxo7fiOX2g

Thank You!

This has come so far and it is starting to look really good thank you so much everyone who has contributed so far, however I’m going to make a few suggestions

  1. Because we’re playing “catch up” I think we should have Monday screenings weeks 6-10, it gives us more chance to pay off our debts. It gives us more chance to train projs and stewards and DMs and most importantly it gives us more chance to show great films!
    It also crucially gives new people an opportunity to get involved with the society whilst they’re still keen which is a problem we’re going to struggle with next year. I’ve also spoken to @MattPotter and he agrees.

  2. I think Naz’s original picks of the following were really strong and should stay on the schedule, if maybe moved around to slightly more appropriate dates:
    The following are on there and should stay:

  • Ghost in the Shell (in all seriousness this will make a lot of money even midweek)
  • Oldboy (in all seriousness this will make a lot of money even midweek)
  • The Farewell
  • Silence of the Lambs
  • Blinded by the Light

The following were suggested by Naz and should be added back:

  • Black Swan (this is 35mm so could go in the first half of term)
  • Pain and Glory (dolor y Gloria)
  • Apollo 11

I think THE KITCHEN should be added, it’s a female led film with a female director and crucially it’s very different to Mean Girls / Juno (it’s part of the DC universe). I think this would do really well and be profitable on a Monday/Tuesday/Thursday at the very least, and crucially we could get it on the schedule 6 weeks after its been released so people still want to see it. Ideally it will be as close to 01/11/12 as possible, maybe the Monday 04/11/19

For the newest schedule, would it be possible to put either bridesmaids or legally blonde in place of either goodfellas, the big lebowski or enter the dragon.

Also, I feel very strongly that Godzilla doesn’t deserve a place on the schedule and that Ad Astra and Midsommar should swap places.

Ideally we could also replace either ghost in the shell or oldboy with something a bit more lighthearted

Saying that, I’m liking the changes made to this schedule from the last one, specifically blinded by the light and the farewell

Also can we have the goldfinch on the schedule too

Just to make things a tad easier for people:

I’ve made my opinions very clear on wanting The Farewell so glad to see that on there <3 Glad to see Oldboy (plus it’s been given a 4K rerelease so it may be even more visible) and Ghost in the Shell have survived too as history suggests both of these will be very popular. I agree with Jamie that they need tempering though so maybe we could make Alex’s suggested Monday additions a bit more lighthearted.

Definitely agree with that’s been said so far on weeks 1-5. All excellent films and I want to watch any and all of them but also I know a lot of people won’t want to see a single one of them. They’re all very (for want of a better word – I don’t love the idea of “boys’ films” and “girls’ films” but you know what I mean) very “blokey” and I think it’s a pity that you look at them and they all start to blur into one as they all deserve better. Purely selfishly, I would MURDER for Legally Blonde and will quite happily live in the proj box all week making up (tbf, I’d project it mid-week if @AP92 would let me :wink: ) . I know Jamie suggested Black Swan too which could be fun.

Always SUPER important is that we’re going to have shown older films and we really need to re-assert that we’re a “real” cinema with new films before you can buy them on DVD/see them on Netflix. A lot more of the stuff on there than probably should be is already quite old – never mind how it’ll look in November! We really need some more “Oooh that’s on already” OUaTiH-style films. There a few obviously weaker doubles:

  • All of the Disney live-action remakes have barely left a dent in public consciousness compared to BatB and look how poorly that did here.
  • Godzilla confuses me lots. As well as its having been critically savaged, this “sort” of film never pulls in our audience and honestly if this is the first double on our new projector I might cry.
  • I get that Zombieland 2 is critically acclaimed, but I don’t think it has enough reach for a double. Also, do we really want this and The Dead Don’t Die (supposedly the weaker film) in the same tiny block of digital programming?

Lastly, The Peanut Butter Falcon looks like an interesting enough premise but Signature Entertainment who distribute it have managed to mangle the mastering of every single films of theirs we’ve booked. Like, seriously, they master their films with the same free software we use to convert trailers except they don’t know how to use it. This isn’t me being all technical – people have come to ask what was wrong with the weird bars and warped image.

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Fwiw, Midsommar came out on the 5th July so it’s quite a bit older than the date on the sheet. Of course it super deserves it’s place on there though (over Annabelle if we had to) :heart:

I really agree with Kieran’s point about the weeks 2-5 films and would like to see one of legally blonde or bridesmaids in here.

I think lion king has enough appeal to get a big audience, regardless of being a bit old.

Also, I think Zombieland 2 should definitely be on the schedule, and I’m not sure what other film would really be big enough to take that slot away. And I think the gap of 2 weeks between TDDD and Z2 is enough time really.

And I don’t want Godzilla to be shown - I’d probably swap yesterday to that slot and find another film for the Sunday where yesterday is.

As Alex mentioned, I’d support including Mondays in this term, though this might be something that needs to be voted on by exec. I think the conversation should be opened up again for term 2 as I don’t think it would be very beneficial to keep Monday slots for the whole year.

Two films that I’d like to see included if there are spaces are Late Night and Stuber. These are both comedies and would offer something abit different for a weekday slot.

If we want to show brand new films, we should definitely consider Pain and glory, Jojo Rabbit and The Goldfinch (which we should most definitely include). Apollo 11 is a great suggestion, and will probably be an Academy Award Nominee, but it will also be a little old by the time we screen it. I insist again on swapping Yesterday with Godzilla and scrapping Godzilla from the schedule; maybe even showing Joker closer to its release date?

Also yes, weeks 1-5 need better variety in terms of genre and represented demographic, maybe even a more recent film. Offering a film with a non-male protagonist would be ideal, but even something like Moonlight could work. I know Bridesmaids and Legally Blonde are great films, but the discourse of putting on these highly ‘feminized’ and ‘gendered’ comedies to contrast the ‘male-centred’ ones already on schedule maybe isn’t the best solution. While enjoyable, not sure how many ‘women’ feel represented by some of their worst stereotypes. But also this is entirely my take on the issue!

As a side note, when the Arts Centre showed Goodfellas there wasn’t much of a turnout at all, for as much as I love Scorsese :frowning:

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This is something we do all need to listen to massively imo.

No Moonlight itself though, as it has to be 35mm and that’s far too new to have prints. But yeah, films are not split down the middle into “white men killing each other or blowing stuff up” and “chick flicks”. I’m quite conscious about the fact that Bridesmaids/Legally Blonde/etc. are all also directed by men, and that we need to avoid the whole “10 men sitting in a room going ‘oh what are women into?’” cringefest that programming the Pyjama Party AllNighter turned into. I think/HOPE this isn’t what we’re doing here, and I think instead it’s more of a reaction to the “LOL that’s for girls it’s bad” mindset that Filmsoc has got into in even the recent past and that @Aglasgow spoke out about quite a lot.

Out of interest, would you say Alex’s point about The Kitchen (unless I’m misjudging it) is maybe better (I’d make argument for stuff like The Farewell as well)?

This hits the nail on the head for me. What I do think is missing from W1-5 (AS WELL as the above) is any form of lighthearted/lightweight “froth” which is maybe what people are picking up on here (like, I’m not a woman and I want to see Legally Blonde and I know @AP92 feels similarly about Bridesmaids – definitely quite pleased neither of these are in the same week as Mean Girls though). Like, the Pyjama Party AllNighter itself was amazing and well-received, even if the rationale in planning was barking up the wrong tree somewhat and made me want to die.

This isn’t out until next year over here, but it’s a yes from me and I know Naz had it programmed originally in the hope that it might get a sooner release date.

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I did wonder about something like Moulin Rouge! too to fill that gap it kinda feels like has been left by sing-along The Greatest Showman last year. I suppose we do have Rocketman though.


Well, time to get a cup of tea and type like a hacker in a primetime detective show…

1st things first, need to let the comic book guy out.
(The Kitchen is a miniseries set in the vertigo imprint of DC, whilst managed by the same people, vertigo goes toward a more adult and dark oriented market with some works occuring in the main 52+ universes of the Prime Multiverse and others being independent works).

I guess if Matt makes the call, lets do it.

Black Swan - I honestly suggested this as a 35mm on a ‘feeling’ that a 35mm exists. Not sure if it does, but if we have space, could include it on a Monday (if we go ahead).

Apollo 11 - This doc was given a VERY limited release over the last few months. By Autumn, it will have ended. If we could successfully negotiate a screening (for educational purposes) with the studio, I know it would be such a worthwhile and enriching watch for everyone.

dolor y Gloria - Well should have a possible Monday (1/5)

As soon as this movie was announced, I was really thrown off by the similarities between this and Ryan Coogler’s Widows. Sure, it has star power, but I’m not super convinced by it taking up a slot. But if we have one empty on a Monday, ok.

You know, I only just remembered a movie that fits with legally blond style. Heathers! I mean, it is a more beloved teen movie that I think could capture a bigger audience. If so, I can see the Big Lebowski being the weakest link of the current 3 given that we showed it in 2017.

I’ve got another idea. Ad Astra and Midsommar going on Sat screenings with Godzilla being thrown out. Not much is known about Ad Astra so far (The director promises CG that you’ve never seen before in space movies). Midsommar is definitely worthwhile, it’s got quite a few similarities to Hereditary which did great in all aspects (audience numbers too). As a beautifully shot and really well hyped movie riding the wave of a lot of promo, It would definitely work on a Sat (possibly midnight screening).

I think we’re going towards a decent balance between the two. Even then, the benefits of the 2 have been stated and suppported previosuly. GITS - An anime which has a guaranteed audience, oldboy - a well known (amongst film fans) Korean film that also has a anniversary release with improved quality.

Cheers. I wanted these movies on, I just wasn’t sure about people’s feelings, but I’m happy that we got em.

I’ve really been trying to find a reason for the Goldfinch, looking at the novel, director (he did do Brooklyn) and story. I doubt this will do well at all to be honest, despite it’s cast, it just doesn’t seem to have such a major appeal to the audience.

In the US I think you’re right, but in the UK Dogwoof have it and they’re usually pretty chill.

I spoke to the distributor fairly recently on this so yep, can guarantee it does :slight_smile:

LOVE this but I’m relatively certain there are no 35mm prints of it which makes me WEEP. If there are, even the PCC has avoided them like the plague so they’re probably in tatters. YES please digitally at some point plz though.

Also @MartaMeazza your point about Moonlight just reminded me – Moonlight doesn’t have 35mm prints but Carol does. Thoughts on this guys? I know @joshbullin wanted lots to show it and it got positive murmurings from crew then.

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Well if we do get Mon slots, we’ll have way more flexibility to move and change stuff up.

If we do get a 35mm print of Black Swan, I’d probably even replace Goodfellas with it!

(I know it’s a long shot, can we do anything at all to get the Irishman)?

Any suggestions, I’ve been following the 6-8 week rule. But have we had any success with OUATIH style successes? (Getting them the same time as commercial cinemas).

I’d agree with it in most circumstances. The Lion King might be the exception. I know it looks like it fell face first into the literal uncanny valley, but it’s clear that Disney were really trying to make this a big one, the cast and the promo around this will still make it something that live well in cinemas for some time.

My original justification was that Godzilla would be a nice movie to really FLEX our new projector’s talents as soon as possible. Given that it would be a stupid big CGI fest, it might really impress people. But, looks to me like people hate the idea. I still want to meet the same aim of FLEXING, any suggestions for a visual stunner?

Wait, did I really include Zombieland 2? I did include TDDD as Marta had a sure vouched for it. I guess it could be a Sunday??? (Maybe I’m just showing it for the sake of funding Jim Jarmusch to make another Paterson rather than this film which has an environmental message about polar fracking (face palm))

Well, showing a cool looking movie but having it look like choppy crap isn’t what we want to do in our situation. I’ll scrap it.

FWIW I was going to include zombieland 2 back in version 1.0. But the release date would make it a little tight. (From what I remember)

I’d reach across the aisle for Black Swan over Legally Blond as MG, Juno and (kinda) the farewell fill the hole of female led comedies fairly well I would presume. It could definitely replace Lebowski

Agreed. Disney sure didn’t pay Beyonce 15 million for this.

It might be tight, but I would like it to.

Yeah, even Atomic Breath isn’t blowing away everyone’s sentiment towards this.

Well, as the chief DM, you’ve got the most important say. If it is right with you, let’s do it.

I really can’t choose between the two of these. Mon (2/5)

I’m loving the thought of black swan on the schedule somewhat unsurprisingly.

For apollo 11, I 100% think this should be on the schedule because it’s amazing, it looks beautiful and also it’s a documentary which we don’t tend to show too maybe of.

It’s probably just a hunch, but I think even though it’s a bit of an unknown quantity, Ad Astra deserves a double slot over Midsommar. I just get in the impression that Ad Astra is really made of the big screening. With respect to midsommar, I haven’t seen it yet so I’m mega excited that it’s going to be on the schedule, but I definitly think it should be a single screening (preferably not midnight too, Annabelle will work better in that slot).

With these additional monday screenings, my point about having either oldboy or ghost in the shell in now irrelevant and I think both will pull BIG audiences.

I think goldfinch should be on the schedule even if it is just for ansel elgort, he’s so great.

I’m also 100% in on Carol, never seen it but would love too.

The lion king has to stay on the schedule because even though it may not be the greatest film, I think it’s the one live action film that will pull a large audience because lion king is so beloved.

I’m not sure we need a FLEXING film to be honest,

Also, zombieland vs the dead dont die. I’d like zombieland on the schedule because it’s likely to do quite well imo. The dead don’t die looks very merh from where I stand and I can’t see it doing anymore than 30 at most, saying that, if enough people want to see it, there’s no harm in it being on there.

With monday slots, Pain And Glory can fit on (3/5).

Jojo Rabbit will be huge and we’ll definitely show it. The release date for the UK puts it into the Spring Term.

I’m still VERY skeptical about the goldfinch.

I think as a documentary, it would do really well (The 50th anniversary of the greatest achievement of the human race helps to hype it up). If we do get a right to show it, then we’re one of the few in the world that actually get to do it. The physics department and society would probably love us if we showed it. (A little pandering to the neighbours would probably be nice (and we really got to get on the better side of Chemistry)).

Yeah, Godzilla’s dead. I don’t agree with yesterday going onto a Saturday. It’s good enough for a Sunday but justifying a double is really hard. (I’m still hoping to do Yellow Submarine/ A Hard Day’s Night one day FWIW)

I’ve got joker just as close as I reasonably can in the Schedule (obeying the 6-8 week rule and all). If we can agree to a OUATIH situation, then for sure, we could screen it earlier.

How are you feeling on my Black Swan comment? I think that could really hit a great audience which isn’t covered by female comedies, but rather towards a more artsy crowd.

I will definitely keep that in mind for sure.But, I think it would work well as a 35mm film (the appeal of this movie in particular on celluloid would be worthwhile).

Nice one with black swan - I didn’t realise this was an option.

Hey I wouldn’t put my say over that of chief proj! It seems like both teams will be happy to do Monday’s this term which is good.

Thanks for the positivity to my suggestions. Just to note, I’d definitely include Late Night over Stuber if you’ve not got enough slots.

The Kitchen and The Goldfinch both sound like they could be great.
I’d like to see The Goldfinch included. I’m not sure how everyone else feels about my suggestions, but I wouldn’t want to push out something other people want on in favour of Stuber (as much as I like Kumail Nanjiani!).

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