The Night Owl thread

The old night owl thread has been resurrected!

Obligatory Oscar post. Who else is here?

Not watching it but had to finish an assignment. How is it going?

Me, but supposedly the topic is now closed and replies aren’t allowed… so we’re rule breakers :stuck_out_tongue:

Continuing the discussion from The Night Owl thread:

I am but I can’t post on the “locked” thread.

That result should help next week’s attendance.

There’s a feast of sport in Australia this morning.

It’s been a while since I watched or listened to a fight.

Anyone else around watching election stuff?

I was about to ask the same question.

How I feel about Paxman on Channel 4’s alternative election

Your mistake was watching Channel 4’s coverage.

Haha there’s so many cringe moments in it. How could I resist?

Roger Federer has been compared to great artists such as Michelangelo and Mozart. Tonight I heard a commentator compare him to MacGyver.

That was a good eclipse.

Five bottles of Cinema Beer and four more for the road. A good night.


Just checking in as part of my referendum all-nighter. There’s no-one in L3, I see.

Hello there peoples. As I am procrastinating doing coursework I should’ve done 2 weeks ago and didn’t do earlier because filmsoc STOLE my time :imp: I think we should ressurect this forum for stuff that isn’t boring admin like trainee trackers and show reports!!!
If nobody else replies I WILL cry about it :sob:

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