The Night Owl thread

I think my chances are nil :frowning:

So…up at ungodly hour having written hideous chunks of lab report. Now - sleep or game until lectures?

True story.

It’s only taken you a month to respond.

My first “regulation” post in weeks. And from the sounds of it, the rain doesn’t want to let me get to sleep for a fair while yet :-/

PS: Hi Rofl!!!

Leave filmsoc at 3.45 having made up the midnighter - well, saturday night will seem brief by comparison with this effort!

There’s just Sri Lanka–New Zealand to follow tonight. Sleep is much more inviting.

Nothing like a late night trip to the Big Big T!

Despite writing that, I hope the Kiwis finish the job today.

Indeed - nice to see some away wins in the subcontinent!

More test cricket… and SA have moved out of neutral!

In about 24 hours’ time, my film will be finishing… then I’ll “just” have to break it down!

Get your ‘trainee’ to do it.

Ended up leaving at about 3.30 - having left the film in the proj box!

One week back at filmsoc and I’ve ruined my work body clock - might be an interesting day tomorrow - if only due to my struggle to stay awake!

I’m watching Ricky Ponting’s final Test innings.
And it’s over before lunch.

So, having posted on here genuinely (night owl stylee) on a daily basis for a week, I’m now posting thanks to the alarm going off for work - how lucky am I eh?!


That’s enough proofing for tonight.

I’ve already been to sleep tonight and have woken up and am pretty wide awake :frowning:

Maybe if I read a little I’ll be able to sleep the rest of the night away?

Hoot hoot, night owls!