The Night Owl thread

So this is the first “night owl” post of term. Don’t some of you have deadlines this week?

Post-Crash high, hoping to settle down and go to sleep soon, but who knows?

Murray’s efficiency means I can get some sleep.

Hi all.

First job application done for the year! :smiley:

Hoot hoot!

Best of luck with your applications.

my first post on night owl thread! woohoo!

(creepy stalker-ish voice: i know james is still awake out there. saw his programming email from four minutes ago. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Good morning, Yeng, and welcome to the thread.

I’ve set my alarm for Federer–Murray.

I hope you remembered to have a wee dram for Burns Night.

I always aim to get to bed before Night Owl hours…it just never seems to happen though XD

Morning all! Just thought I’d pop in here to say hello - nice to see that James has had some sporadic company!

Cinerama is just nine hours away!

This Is Cinerama, Chinatown and Psycho — not a bad day’s viewing.

An exciting superbowl this year. Not happy with the final score though. :frowning:

Here goes another week in Wolverhampton…

…looking forward to seeing everyone properly from the AllNighter onwards!

I’m off to the Royal Academy of Arts in five hours.

My first visit to the thread for a while! I’m about to fall asleep in Birmingham after a lifesaving competition, we are bringing back bronze for Warwick!

Well done!

Just walked home from Hearsall Common after the coach dropped us Earlsdonners off. Admittedly I’ve been indoors for a lot of the last 48 hours - but where did all this snow come from!?!?

Though I didn’t win any awards at the Northern regionals -Warwick did manage to scoop up the Lion’s share of what was on offer.

I hear Argo has won big at the BAFTAs and that my guesses for tonight’s screening were almost spot-on?

For the second consecutive night, well done Warwick! But why is Warwick in the northern regionals?