The Night Owl thread

Was the pub quiz as enjoyable as ever?

There was a good atmosphere and we made a small amount of money.
For the next one we need to find a successor to Scott as quizmaster.

Sadly, this post comes to you from a weary crew member, who has just had his Lifesaving Exec successor elected, trying to revise in the library.

Keep going, but make time to enjoy the early morning birdsong.

I’m still here. Okay, I may have left in between my previous post and this one, but the principle is the same :frowning:

Happy birthday Derek Malcolm, film critic and BFFS President (81 today).

Thought I’d check in for the first time!

Currently doing an allnighter to get work done, despite being short of supplies - I only have cereal to keep me going until Asda opens at 7…

You undergrads spend far too much time studying - where are you all? Asleep in bed, or something like that?!

They could all be in the Library.

Indeed - seems to be the place for all the cool kids this year… and some filmsoccers too :-p

Made it into bed just before four - now I can grab 7 hours sleep before 2 hours cricket, 2 hours Grand Prix and another 4 hours cricket - go summer!!!

I’m planning to be in bed by 5.

My room has flooded with light - I need thicker curtains - having to wear an eye mask to block out the light :frowning: what a wonderful night’s sleep eh?! :frowning:

Happy birthday James and Tim!

Thank you. Happy birthday Tim!

Just dropping in from the MOAC annual conference in Ironbridge.

Almost run out of Jonathan Creeks to indulge in as the mainstay of my procrastination - may actually end up doing some revision tomorrow!

Shock horror!

Probably time for me to go home and sleep!

Is there anybody out there?

Had a really procrastination filled day - need to work well this week if I want my exams to be trivial - but then, if I can already pass them…

I didn’t even leave the house today.