The Night Owl thread

That’s probay enough procrasticramming for me - exam in the morning!

Good luck!

My first post since those of late night library woes…

James will be glad to hear this one is thanks to a curry and then pub trip!

Just got back to campus after Union Films’ outdoor screening of Iron Man Three in Southampton. It was a great event! Their field was tiny but they managed to cram over 1000 people in (according to their counts)

Did any of you guestimate the attendance yourselves? A thousand people take up a fair old chunk of tocil field, so I’m intrigued!

Sleep is for those who… can… sleep?

Sleep is for the weak.

Weakness is for the tired.

So, what you’re saying is sleep is for the tired?


Despite the showers, I caught a fair amount of sun at the zoo.

It’s the summer vacation. Time to get some work done.

Unless, like me, you’re on a week’s holiday!

Ugh, not having a good week sleep-wise… nor many other-wises to be honest!

It could do with cooling down a bit more at night.

This evening’s cloud cover doesn’t seem to have made much of an overnight difference temperature-wise :frowning:

After having been awoken by the most impressive thunder clap, I thought I should post here to express my displeasure at the situation.

Hrmph :@

That thunderclap woke me up too.

Already been up for an hour today - feel like it’s time to go to bed already :frowning:

Hope you all had a good time at the world’s end. I had to decline on the basis of knowing that I’d be getting up at 5.30 this morning :frowning:

From what I understand on the other thread, the world’s end trip is next Tuesday :slight_smile:

I can verify that it was this Tuesday.