Toy Story 3

A couple of rather odd new promo clips :?

There was a massive cut-out promo stand when I went to the cinema yesterday. I got so excited that I think I scared some children.

[quote=“Speed”]I enjoyed Cars, it wasn’t as immense as most Pixar animated fun, but it was good enough :slight_smile:

Good enough to what?

I think I watched the whole film, but I don’t think it was willingly.

Buzz Lightyear is my hero.

Empire have put their review for it online:

5 stars! :smiley:

I am so very excited about this film, but it really sucks that we have to wait a whole month to see it!

Disney are evil, they do this with nearly every pixar film and wonder why people download films.

I know it won’t make you feel any better, but I caught the first UK screening at the Edinburgh film festival yesterday. I don’t think it’s not a good as the first 2 or Wall-E (yet) but it’s certainly better than cars* and about as good as the other 6 pixars. I definately feel justified in leaving the Toy Story blu-rays until the inevitable trilogy box set latter this year. The Night and Day short before it was very good.

*I haven’t technically seen Cars properly as I dozed off a bit during the all nighter as it was the last film, but I got an idea of how good it is and the fact I haven’t got the dvd says alot

[quote=‘Gareth’ pid=‘30197’ dateline=‘1277044549’]
I caught the first UK screening at the Edinburgh film festival yesterday.[/quote]

Have you seen anything else at the festival?

[quote=‘Klan’ pid=‘30198’ dateline=‘1277052979’]

No, didn’t have time. I only got there a couple of hours before the film, and the film finished at 8, so to see something else I would have to of stayed the night.

TS3 is currently floating around in the sillily high clouds atop the IMDb top 250 list …

It may be good, but it’s not that good :?

They should exclude films that were released less than a year ago.

Probably the greatest thing ever: a Toy Story 3 cake sent to the Empire office.

Also, I caught the credits+outtakes of the film earlier today on my induction at the Bath Odeon where we cleaned a couple screens. Way to go and spoil the movie… well, sort of :-/

Inception is up in the top 10 too now.

It’s still up there - currently running as a 9.2 in 3rd position with 117,000 votes…

Jim Cameron may make the big bucks, but Nolan’s getting a damn fine hold on the IMDb top 250!

Since I’ve made so many posts on this thread, it seems only right that I make one now that I’ve actually watched the movie:

I liked it very much. It was funny, touching, thrilling, moving; everything that it ever should and could have been.

It is the perfect conclusion to a beautiful trilogy that has defined my childhood. Thank you, Pixar.

I too have now seen the movie.
It was enjoyable, and quite poignant at the end.

On a side note; this was my first experience of both digital projection and 3D, and I was quite disappointed on both counts - I had higher expectations.

Toy Story 3 isn’t a very 3D film. I took my glasses off at one point and could barely see the double image. :?

It’s very much a depth-of-field use of the technology, rather than a jump-out-the-screen affair. I liked it, however I concede that it would be as good (perhaps better in that it would be less distracting) in only two dimensions. I look forward to testing that theory at the Autumn AllNighter :slight_smile:

The AllNighter is likely to be the first time I see the film.

I saw it the other night in 2D (that’s because I forgot to check that it was 3D on the times…)
It was really good, though a bit slow at times. Really liked Lazlo (however you spell his name) and the end was very moving :slight_smile:

Do you mean Lotso, the bear that smells of strawberries? :slight_smile: