1st draft spring 2012 schedule [really quite drafty]

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Any thoughts on what might be in the AllNighter?

Sorry for the long post but here are some suggestions:

I think some of these films are released too late or have no UK release date:
j. Edgar
albert nobbs (no date)
damsels in distress (no date)
shaolin (no date)
terri (no date)

Some films I’d consider for doubles:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Lion King
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
Friends With Benefits
Bridesmaids (single at the moment)
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (single at the moment)
The Thing (single at the moment)

Some films I’d consider adding as singles (the first few may even be doubles):
Tower Heist
Happy Feet Two
Puss in Boots
Real Steel
Machine Gun Preacher
Wuthering Heights
The Debt
The Change-Up
Red State
Footloose (2011)

I think Tinker Tailer is a definite double but probably too complicated for an Allnighter film

I’d drop these to singles or off the schedule:
The Help (It looks like it’ll play to an American audience far better than a British one)
Back to the Future 2 (I can’t really see many people coming)
The Room (aside from questions of audience size I think we need to think twice about a film where there’s a tradition to throw things at the screen)

Paranormal Activity 3 is great. Here are a few more midnight suggestions:
Straw Dogs
Piranha 3DD (I doubt there will be a 2D release at cinemas so we’d need to find out if we can show a 3D film in 2D)
Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil
Dream House
Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark
The Awakening

A couple of alternative foreign film suggestions:
Miss Bala
Sleeping Beauty (2011)

For classics I think we should consider Ghostbusters (its just been rereleased) and North by Northwest (a slightly older film that I think should still do ok).

Finally, I think you need to rethink your order a bit based on release date. Things like Sherlock Holmes are close to the limit of how late we can go so need to go near the end.

I’m against having Tinker, Tailor as an AllNighter film for two reasons:

  1. it’s one of the most-voted films so far so would do well as a double screening
  2. it’s a bit complicated/boring for an Allnighter film

Also, are we ditching Foreign Thursdays? We’ve been advertising £1.50 Foreign Thursday tickets as a major perk for becoming a member, seems a little misleading if it’s only for term 1. If we’re having an Oscar theme I think it would make more sense to have an “Oscars Week” rather than a set day. Weeks 7 or 8 would obviously be best since the Oscars are on the 26th of Feb this year.

I’ve heard of almost none of the proposed Sunday double films - are there no “bigger” films coming out to go in some of those slots? I agree with George in moving at least The Lion King, Bridesmaids, Mission Impossible, and Twilight to doubles.

Some other films to consider:
The Sitter - comedy with Jonah Hill from the creators of Pineapple Express. Released December 9th. Trailer: http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi2167970841/
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - American-made, English-Language version of the popular Swedish film trilogy. Released December 2011. trailer: http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi1464638745/
Dolphin Tale - Feel-good family film, it’s gotten pretty good reviews. Released September 2011. Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgyZjbzS18A
**Burke and Hare **- British black-comedy film with Simon Pegg and Andy Serkiss as a pair of serial killers. It’s gotten very average reviews, but since when do reviews matter with comedy films? Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE7KvAyVnbw
Happy Feet 2
Friends with Benefits

Midnight Screenings:
Scream 4
Final Destination 5
Human Centipede 2 (It’s not banned any more!)
Piranha 3DD - not sure if it’ll be released in time, or if we’ll be able to show it in 2D…

I think one of the problems that’s come up has been that the number of decent foreign films are really low this term. Foreign Thursdays was introduced just over a year ago when we had loads of good foreign films to choose from, that isn’t the case this term (I’m personally not 100% convinced on any of the new ones). I’d also say that Foreign Thursdays has been damaging our diversity in showing older films (traditionally we show 5 or 6 foreign films instead of 9+).

We’ve actually already shown this (last Spring).

An extra idea for a foreign film might be ‘The Women on the 6th Floor’ though I can’t see that it’s been released in the UK… http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1805297/

Can we get any Bollywood movies??

Also I am very strongly in favour of showing The Room :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t think “people might throw stuff at the screen” is a good reason not to show it. If it happens and there’s damage, we can get security involved and prosecute for vandalism if need be. Just get the stewards and DM on the night to be extra vigilant and perhaps don’t let people sit in the front few rows? And to be honest I think it’s very unlikely it will happen at all…

Re: Foreign Thursdays promotion
The Exec thread did state the promotion was only for Term 1, with a review on if it will exist for subsequent terms! If we have a new theme, the Exec can review whether to offer the promotion on that theme. I know Rob/George (when editing the booklet) were told it was a “discount for Foreign Thursdays in Term 1”.

A few suggestions for Oscar winners:

3 Oscars: Sunset Boulevard (An older film that should get a decent audience)

4 Oscars: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
1 Oscar: Lives of Others (These could be used to used to bolster the foreign films for the term with some popular classics)

I have a friend who says that if we don’t show The Room, he will come along to **EVERY **film showing and throw stuff at the screen.

I think this argument is a bit academic as The Room has never been certified by the BBFC for the UK (we lost I Saw the Devil for a similar reason I believe).