2020 Autumn Term schedule

Hi everyone,

We’re happy to share the provisional schedule for the autumn term:

Welcome week remains subject to change as we are still deciding how best to use the extra booking showings on each day.

Following from the programming meeting last weekend and other developments, we have amended the schedule in a few areas. A list of these changes can be seen below:

  • Two new films have been added to the schedule for welcome week to account for the extra showings at 3pm – Volver and The Truman Show
  • Babyteeth, Les Misérables, Rocks and Bacurau have all been made single showings. Singin’ in the Rain, And Then We Danced and Under the Silver Lake have been added to fill the extra slots this created.
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Moonlight have been moved to week 8 to coincide with Warwick Pride.
  • Battle Royale has been replaced by Ghost in the Shell (1995) – this should present an opportunity for a collaboration with the Anime Society.
  • Papicha has been removed since it is not available for screening, and so has been replaced with Dheepan to hopefully be shown in collaboration with the Student Action for Refugees Society
  • The Matrix has taken up the space left by The King’s Man following its cancellation
  • Candyman has taken the place of Train to Busan: Peninsula, since it is unlikely we will be able to show Peninsula due to its later release date of the 6th November

We hope this schedule is acceptable, feel free to leave any comments you have below.


I think it looks great, thanks so much for pride week!


Looks great (fight club double :heart::heart:)! Don’t know if it’s already been mentioned somewhere else, but is there any reason why No Time To Die is on there? I think it’s due to release 15th of November (Is there not enough time for us to get it?).

Looks so awesome! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Love that the original Ghost In The Shell is in there, I imagine if we have limited tickets they could sell out for that pretty quickly! Cute that you added The Secret Garden, I loved the book as a kid! Amazing job you guys! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart::heart:


No Time To Die is about 1/2 weeks too late to feasibly show it. For films we’re showing twice (as I imagine we would be doing with NTTD) distributors have stuck quite strictly to a minimum of 5 weeks after release.

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This looks great as always! Just a couple of points:

The Truman Show was the 35mm Mystery Film Spring 2018/2019 (I think), so it might be worth considering it as a weaker pick if we wanted something else there instead

Is it worth us reaching out to societies we’ve planned collaborations for? They may well decide not to go ahead given the circumstances, or struggle to guarantee more than a couple of people. This may be less of a problem with an already limited audience size, but it could be worth reaching out in advance to have some more certainty before reserving a slot. (If you’ve done this already that’s great!)

And as an aside, do we have any idea of how we’ll staff 3 films a day in WW? I know our great 35mm projes are willing to do a lot of heavy lifting, but would they want to do the digital 3PMs too? (Although those may be a good making up opportunity so idk :slight_smile: )

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I hear talk that Alex is full-on moving back down from Stoke for a week… :scream:

Re the planned collabs, they’re ones I think where they’ve messaged on Facebook asking for the films by name so the “how many people do you usually get” conversations have been had afaik (I suppose this is mostly Dheepan for STAR isn’t it?).

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Hey, thanks for all these pointers.

We didn’t know about The Truman Show being a mystery film in 18/19. If that’s the case we may replace it with something else - I think Aryan was thinking of putting on Black Panther in light of Chadwick Boseman’s death (I don’t know if this is allowed but organising for some of the proceeds to go to Cancer Research or something like that could be a good idea?)

As for the collaborations, as Kieran said the societies we’d look to collaborate with (STAR, Anime, and India Forum) have all requested these films and I think can all guarantee a decent number of people. A member from STAR said that they usually get 15 - 20 people which fills up a pretty good proportion.

As for staffing, I think once we have a clearer idea of how many people will be needed to work on a show and how many people will be available we’ll be able to adjust the number of shows accordingly. It would be great to show 3 a day, however if staffing becomes a real issue we’ll probably be able to cut back.


The rules on this are that you’re not allowed to spend society/SU money on fundrasing for charity (becuase the SU itself is a registered charity) though opinion varies on whether film costs count (bc it’s our society activity and we do free ones of these anyway). This is no MG though isn’t it so shouldn’t be an issue either way! :smiley: (I’m a big fan of the idea!)

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It is also worth remembering that considering more films may be cancelled, the second half of the schedule is very much not final at the moment. It may be changed.

I think Black Panther is a good idea (especially with Disney’s special deal) so we will try to replace it.