300: Battle Of Artemisia

Coincidentally, after we were talking about the 300 sequel yesterday, there’s news today.


The main focus of the news is that the guy who played Xerxes is in negotiations to return but he also talks a bit about the plot.

I have to say I had reservations when the sequel was first announced and they’ve only got worse. It all sounds complicated and a bit forced which for the type of film 300 is I can’t see really working.

Did anyone watch the first film because of the plot though? Surely “more of the same” in terms of heavily stylized and well choreographed fights is what we want?

It may yet be worth a watch!

That’s kind of what concerns me. The first film had a nice simple plot that didn’t get in the way of the stylized violence. (Persians are evil and invade Greece; Spartans are good (sort of) and respond by stabbing/decapitating/kicking them down bottomless pits.)

I’m a bit worried though that the sequel will end up getting bogged down in exposition leaving little time for the stabbing/decapitating/… :frowning: