Aaaargggg, it's like us....but not.....arrgggg

imagine my shock and horror and surprise and astound-ment (?) and agog-ness.

I’m liking the forum name CHAOS!! It is almost as cool as Python or Rubius.

Well. This is a depressing insite. Are we losers? Are we all just grey losers with pseudonyms?

We’re not grey losers any longer! the forum’s colour theme has been changed to a deeper blue (notice the frame around it)!

lol, I suppose that makes it aaaaaall better then. I like it better blue, although, methinks purple would be sooooo much cooler. Magical even. :smiley:

Pah! That’s just the grass being greener. If it *were * purple, you’d argue blue would be relaxing and like the sea.

the point of blue is that it matches the filmsoc homepage!

you know me so well Natalie, am I that predictable? Like a squirrel? :frowning: And I see your point Roberto. We’re a colour coded society. If I ever forget where I am, I’ll follow the yellow brick road… but blue instead. Is this the colour of the L3 doors?

They are blue indeed… as are the accoustic panels and the speakers and doors inside L3 :slight_smile:

And yet your polo shirt if I recall correctly is a rather controversial purple! I like the blue it is very soothing. Purple would jst be an attack on the senses. Green is peaceful but toooooo…environmental. Red and orange would just provoke anger and passion, not always wanted. Yellow would be pointless…let’s face it it’s yellow. Pink is too girly. Let’s face it. We did well with the colour blue. Tis perfect

How about we make the forum black and gold, eh?