Just wondering if anyone could inform as to the insertion of Amistad on wednesday week 2? Curiosity killed the… :twisted:

Ed reckons its the something anniversary of the end of the slave trade … james says 200 (and i feel uneducated)

Thats a guess, anyway :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s 200 and apparently it’s free

i like the way that their link to our website doesn’t work! Lol!

[quote=“mee”]Yeah it’s 200 and apparently it’s free[/quote]

200th anniversary of the act passed by the British government abolishing the transatlantic slave trade. As the article says though, it was still some time before the institution of slavery itself was abolished (and even then it still exists around the world today).

Sorry, I’ve just taken a whole course on slavery this year grin


It’s because the link is missing the colon from http:// so your browser assumes the link is in a folder called http/ in the same folder as the slavery page…