Anchorman Sequel!

Ron Burgundy swing by the Conan O’Brien show to announce a sequel to Anchorman!

Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd are set to return - no news yet on a release date though (that I could find!), or even if production has started.

He’s much funnier on Conan than in the film! Maybe they should just have an hour and a half talk show with him in character and release that… :slight_smile:

So excited!

Guess I should watch the original considering the amount of hype surrounding this…

Must mean that Will Ferrell’s realising how bad his recent films have been:

*]Casa de mi Padre
*]Land of the Lost
Even the likes of
*]Step Brothers
*]The Other Guys
weren’t really that good either. Megamind is comfortably the best of his recent films - perhaps aided by the fact he doesn’t appear in it?!

Though I haven’t seen it, Everything Must Go did well critically (75% on Rotten Tomatoes) and featured a low-key performance from Ferrell.

I’ve not heard of that one, but then, judging from these international figures, that’s hardly surprising!

I thought The Other Guys was pretty good. I never liked the original Anchorman much, the sequel is most definitely going to be terrible.