And Everyone's favourite film

…on this term’s schedule is :?:

Personally, i’d go for Memento (if i’m allowed to use an
AllNighter film) and probably *Inside Man *if i’m not.

You do have to take into consideration that there are loads i haven’t seen,
but have heard great things about, like Thank You for Smoking :mrgreen:

Other highlights for me so far include Silent Hill, which was a
lot better than i’d expected, and i also enjoyed both Enron and
United 93.

Of the remaining films, obviously Pirates is up there on expectation, and i’m hoping for good things from The Lake House

Any thoughts?

As there are no showings of Die Hard this term, I’ll have to say Thank You for Smoking. I also really enjoyed 16 Blocks, Brick and Lemming.

I’d go for Airplane!, but that may change after tonight.

Good call on The Inside Man there Rob. Brick too.

Thank You For Smoking gets my vote so far, although Memento was pretty cool. But what about Indiana Jones?