Autumn 2009 Schedule Threads

Hi all,

What with next term’s schedule looking like it might be pretty confirmed, I shall (very) soon be posting a very rough idea of the films that are coming out over the next few months and that may well (well, in some cases that deifnitely will!) be making it onto our Autumn schedule.

There will be one thread for doubles, one for singles and another for both classics and foreign language (the new foreign language titles can be included in the singles/doubles lists!).

For now these are just film lists, which people can happily add to. At the start of next term (or perhaps just before) I will collate these into a draft schedule to go on the web, and at that point (but please not before!) people can really push for and/or against certain titles, but for now, please stick to suggestions!

Muchas Gracias,

Just a reminder to everyone that the programming meeting to finalise (as much as possible) the autumn schedule, will be on Wednesday of week 4 (13th May 2009).

Hopefully see as many of you as possible in L3 at 5pm :slight_smile:

A big thankyou to all those of you who came to the programming meeting on Wednesday (13th). The final provisional schedule (ie, the one that we want to show!) is available here and includes some changes from what was previously on there.

I’ll continue to use this thread for any updates, including those arising from my meeting with the Arts Centre, and feedback from our suppliers.

Over and out!

Howdi all,

Just to let you know, I met with John Gore and he’s not pulled a thing from us, but has pointed out that Imaginarium’s now been shifted back (advanced festival screenings aren’t now til September :()

So, what I’ve done is to put Red Cliff in that slot and i’ve also swapped over Bruno and Synecdoche New York in the week 6/8 sundays, due to release dates :slight_smile: These are all shown in the Autumn Schedule.

The reserve list is:

I Love You, Man
50 Dead Men Walking
The Year One
Coco avant Chanel
FAQ About Time Travel
End of the Line

I’m afraid your 500 Days of summer is a little too late Owen :frowning:

Absolutely gutted… :wink:

On another note, since Imaginarium is out for this term, why don’t we hold off Brokeback until Spring as well? Would make sense in keeping with the Heath Ledger double.

How much more can filmsoc cash in on the poor guys death?

It’s staying there as a pride week potential event isn’t it?

well, they’re quite happy to do a joint event, even if it’s not during pride week (without ‘’ this time :slight_smile: )

Hey all,

Another schedule update (all shown on the latest schedule) for you all:

We’ve lost the following:

  1. Age of Stupid (Not available other than DVD - we only do 35/70mm)
  2. Armageddon (Not in the country at the time)
  3. Gone with the Wind (Not available in newish print)

These have been correspondingly replaced by:

  1. FAQ About Time Travel
  2. Die Hard (70mm screening)
  3. I Love You, Man

Will continue to update people where and when appropriate.
Rob :mrgreen:

just something i noticed (pedantry hat on) while sending out the publicity round-robin. G.I. Joe is subtitled The Rise of Cobra, not The Rise of The Cobra. although a team of super-soldiers versus a small snake is a film i’d pay to see…

Muchas thanks - it has now been updated :slight_smile:

Hey all,

Just to let you know, there’s been one more print-related change to next term’s schedule:

Out goes ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and in comes the classic ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ :slight_smile:

A further (/repeat!) replacement - It’s a Wonderful Life didn’t even last a week.

We’ll now be ending the term with last year’s top christmas offering:

Four Christmases