Autumn 2010 Weeks 1-5 vote

With the end of term nigh, it’s time to find out what WSC’s favourite film of Autumn 2010 was.

Vote for your favourite film from the first half of term. The best film from weeks 1-5 will go forward to the final round to face off against the best film from weeks 6-10. In case of a tie, the best film will be determined by which got the highest percentage of votes in the weekly rounds and then by number of votes if still tied.

The Week 6 to 10 poll will start once the week 10 poll finishes in about a week’s time. Once that finishes, I’ll open up the final vote!

Wow! I’ve never seen votes distributed so evenly. :shock

I think we might have to modify these votes in the future, allowing for separate consideration of classics and new releases - classics are, as such, usually biased in the votes. Admittedly not for this vote thus far, but so many of the options are golden oldies!

Perhaps we should just encourage some of our new crew to join the forums…

I don’t think its because of the advanced years of the voters that the classics do well in the polls (I voted for Shutter Island after all). Its more because they are, as the name suggests, classics and are normally one of the best films from the decade they’re from. Naturally that can’t be said for most of the newer films we show.

[size=]Not that I’m complaining about getting more new crew on the forums…[/size]

If only it were simpler for them to join eh?! Like a “join the forums” option somewhere?!

The option is on the homepage…
(I might then have to link them up, but oh well).

Well that really separated things out, huh…

Even so, with 50% (in 4 votes) in its original week, V For Vendetta will go through to the final round which will open in about a week.

And despite claiming only one film would go through, given the whole classics debacle, I reckon we’ll let Shutter Island slide through with 42.86% in its original week vs Amélie’s 37.5%.

I’m not fussed by the classics vs. not thing - was just an observation. Glad that you’ve relinquished to let two films through though - that’s how Georgio’s always done it in the past, n’est pas?