Autumn 2010 Weeks 6-10 vote

Which was your favourite film from the second half of term out of those which have won the weekly polls?

The best two films from weeks 6-10 will go forward to the final round to face off against Shutter Island and V For Vendetta. In case of a tie, the best film will be determined by which got the highest percentage of votes in the weekly rounds and then by number of votes if still tied.

The final round will open once this poll finishes in a week, or maybe a day later since that would be Christmas day!

Aaaarghhh! So many to vote for/from! We’ll have to stop having these tied votes on the weekly ones - it’s messing with my head!

Some really good films here. I ended up voting for Inception. Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim and The Expendables were all tempting though.

This semi turned out to be a tad more decisive: we’ve got Inception and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World going through to the final round!