Autumn 2012 programme changes

I could certainly see an argument for seeing Brave being the headliner rather than Ted - making the order: Brave, Ted, Usual Suspects, Mystery, Bourne Legacy, Jaws. (Though I still think that I would prefer: Ted, Brave, Bourne Legacy, Mystery, Usual Suspects, Jaws.)

To give context to that though, Brave’s rotten tomatoes score is only about 3 percent above cars…

True, but its absolute score is still 80, with Ted’s is the same (though with a lower score by the critics.)

I think Brave is likely to follow the same path as cars though. Reasonable, although not great, initial ratings but falling in peoples estimations as time passes. Personally I haven’t heard very much positive word of mouth about brave and haven’t heard much negative about Ted.

I agree with James and George that Ted should headline.

Brave is quite a sedate film so if it’s on too late people may nap somewhat (this from a person convalescing in bed though)

With Ted confirmed, the programming process for autumn has concluded. Suggestions for Spring 2013 will open in eight days’ time.

Were there any films that were booked in digital unexpectedly? There had been some rumours of having to book The Dark Knight Rises digitally?

Here’s the full list of digital films:
*]Beauty and the Beast
*]Albert Nobbs
*]Your Sister’s Sister
*]Tales of the Night
*]Killer Joe
*]Anna Karenina