Autumn 2012 programme changes

In using the BBFC’s “recent decisions” list, I noticed that David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis is to be released on 15 June.

I propose that Cosmopolis be scheduled for the autumn term and The Watch (release date 29 August) be moved to the reserves/spring.

Any objections?

I’m more than happy to run with that switch :slight_smile:

*]Thursday, Week 8: Killer Joe → Cosmopolis
*]Thursday, Week 9: The Watch → Killer Joe

Post-conversion to 3D strikes again:

That’s a delay of 9 months… I’m sure they’d’ve been better off just releasing it next month instead of having to rebuild all the marketing behind it.

That’s a bit rubbish. Definitely giving GI Joe 2 a miss now

Can I suggest rescheduling The Watch to replace it then (or just leaving The Watch where it was and moving Killer Joe into the GI Joe slot instead).

Agreed; I’ll replace one “Joe” film with the other.

The exec have voted for Safe, Tales of the Night and Arthur Christmas to be free for members. As agreed in the programming meeting, the showings of The Raid and Tales of the Night have been swapped.

Death of a Samurai is available only in 3D or on Blu-ray. I have replaced it with Your Sister’s Sister.

The following films will be in digital:
*]Albert Nobbs
*]Tales of the Night
*]Killer Joe
I can confirm that The Dark Knight Rises will be in 35-mm.

Bad news: Iron Sky is DVD only. I have replaced it with Chernobyl Diaries.


Good news: the autumn film bookings have all been confirmed.

However, in light of Ted’s critical and commercial success, I propose (with credit to Rob Gardner for the idea) that it replace 10 Things I Hate About You (which will move to the spring AllNighter).

Further to this change, I suggest the following running order for the AllNighter:

  1. Ted
  2. Brave
  3. The Usual Suspects
  4. Mystery
  5. The Bourne Legacy
  6. Jaws

Any objections or endorsements?

I endorse the line-up, though personally woul prefer to see Bourne at 2 and Brave at 5 - I’m more than willing to hear other people’s thoughts though!

That was my original thought, but after more consideration I feel that Brave will be a bigger draw than Bourne. I’m not averse to Bourne at 2 and Brave at 5, though.

I fully endorse the Ted suggestion, much like Bridesmaids last year, it seems to have fallen through the radar at the scheduling meeting (not by any fault of ours).

I have also been considering which is more of the draw and erred on the side of Brave. However, would it be a faux pas to suggest that I believe that Bourne at 3 would be more of a draw than Suspects at 3 (though obviously I’m not suggesting that Bourne is, by any means, a ‘better’ film than Suspects).

I’m conscious of the fact that the last few AllNighters were not as successful as we had hoped and that perhaps bumping all the new films forward in the line-up might be successful in selling more tickets (though may also be successful in meaning the % drop-out during the course of the evening is higher). Though after weighing the two - I think I would rather sell more tickets.

I think The Usual Suspects is a strong enough “modern classic” to be the third film. And you really have to be alert to follow it.

I agree with Tim - I think having three new films as the headliners will draw more of a crowd. Certainly from a marketing perspective I would prefer the newer films to be higher on the list.

And while The Usual Suspects may be a “classic” film, I reckon Jaws is much wider known and more recognisable (read: easier to advertise) so should be placed higher too.

I’m afraid I don’t agree with your new suggestion Scott (though to be completely honest I’m quite ambivalent). My thinking is that to be completely honest you can only sell the AllNighter on the first 2 films, and perhaps the third as well. Afterwards I’m not sure people really take notice (perhaps I’m wrong) - I don’t think someone would sit through 4 films just to wait for the 5th? Using this logic it doesn’t matter in which order Jaws and Suspects are - but as James says - Suspects is a bit more cerebral - so perhaps it is not best as the last film?

I don’t usually chime in on film-selection threads, for commonly known reasons, however, I agree with the suggestion to have Bourne higher in the schedule - certainly, I know of Bourne and wish to see the film, and would not want to have wait around to slot 5 for it. I concur with Scott’s comments as well on the marketing.

However, Jaws should be last, as currently placed.

I’d go with James’s original suggestion to be honest (Ted, Brave, Usual Suspects, ???, Bourne Legacy, Jaws). Given the rather poor things I’ve heard about Bourne, I think that by the time the allnighter comes around Usual Suspects will have more appeal (especially when, in slot three, you’d be pairing it with Brave, another very disappointing film). The hype will keep people wanting to see those films at the moment but once they drop out of the cinemas they’ll really suffer from the bad word of mouth (look at Clash of the Titans for example).

I think Brave was more a “disappointing by Pixar standards” than an overall disappointing film, most reviews were still positive.

My personal order would be: Brave, Usual Suspects, Ted, ???, Bourne Legacy, Jaws.

Brave is a Pixar film and will draw in the crowds as a headliner. Then, if Usual Suspects is rather cerebrally heavy, it’d be better to have it earlier up the line-up. Follow it up with Ted, which will be a nice breather and relative no-brainer. Mystery… I predict Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, just saying. Bourne Legacy is mostly an action film, doesn’t require a lot of thinking and if it’s not great, well nobody’s paying a great deal of attention in 5th. Jaws is Jaws, 'nuff said.

The only other order I can think of would be: Brave, Bourne Legacy, Ted, ???, 10 Things I Hate About You, Jaws. (Order of Bourne Legacy and Ted up for debate.)

If we do want the newest films front and center, and Usual Suspects really is that tricky to follow, maybe that’s the one we should switch out. I understand if not, I just think that it might work as a radical alternative.