Autumn 2021 Schedule First Draft


Just a few ‘housekeeping’-y things, I’ll have a think about actual films some more:

  • As you said there’s no 35mm afaik of La Dolce Vita or Tangled (or The Imitation Game or Moonlight but I assume you weren’t planning on this). More importantly there’s no 35mm 2001, only 70mm and I think this is WELL worth doing on film (and I think it’s one of the films where the audience is likely to care) so it’d be a pity to show it digitally. Maybe we could do this term 2? Or check with Andy if he’s OK with both (if costs are sensible) and maybe he coulld collect them both at the same time if that’s a thing we’ll need to do (well, we will for 2001 anyway).
  • I asked the programmer guy a while back at the PCC if they had plans for 35mm Love Actually this year and he said no so that’s good <3
  • In happier times the Sunday arrivals weekend has been free and I think that’s a good thing to resurrect – probably want to save Pulp Fiction for an actual show?
  • When I spoke to Alex I think he had plans for multiple films a day in WW again (but with different films this time) – I’d be on board with this 'cos I think it was fun and also because it gets us a maximum head start on the Arts Centre before they open on Friday of WW
  • On a purely selfish note, I’d like something earlyish-on to demo the new subwoofers and put my “oh god they’re gonna blow up” demons to rest :stuck_out_tongue: (I was going to lobby for 70mm Interstellar as the 70mm for this term because 1) I know we did it last year but we turned loads of people away both times, even when other films that week were getting like 10 2) It was the most profitable single film of the year we last did it in 70, according to the treasurer, even though Simon-ed hire costs were crazy expensive 3) It’s spectacularly good 70mm, in a way that normal people would notice 4) Andy will eagerly do this almost no matter what :stuck_out_tongue: But now there’s plans for Nolan and 70mm already so idk)
  • There was 35mm Gravity on a previous draft at one point which I think would be incredibly cool if it make a reappearance (and I don’t even like the film! Ideal to project though…)
  • Maybe check with Lionsgate (I think) about hire/transport costs for Dune – I still think this is a good shout but maybe not one for this term if they want £££ for it (which I’m HOPING they won’t).

Could be wrong about La Dolce Vita though – maybe worth asking the BFI as they’ve had the rights for a while and it’d be odd for them to bin a print

Looks great to me! Seems to be a great mix of genres, old and new films, AND 2020 and 2021 films. I’ll share a link to this to #general if that’s ok because I’m sure others may have more helpful opinions :smiley:

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Funny that…

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As it happened the BFI archive woman emailed so I asked and apparently they don’t even have the rights for La dolce vita any more :grimacing:

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Nice schedule guys.

One omission I’ve noticed is A Quiet Place 2. That was an excellent film and definitely should be in there. I’d even suggest that a double bill with the first film would be very popular.

Without getting too critical, I think some of your Fri/Sat films might struggle. The likes of Zola and Gunpowder Milkshake seem more like weekday films tbh. I reckon Venom 2 should be moved from a Sunday to a Fri/Sat. That film should be a big earner, and WSC will need it.

Also, have all-nighters or trilogies been ruled out? I would love to have the Nolan Batman films.

Then I just don’t see the point of having Dune 1984 in the week before the new film. Personally, I wouldn’t want to watch it before the new film and get most of the plot spoilt for me. Maybe if we show it after the new film? But then I’ve not heard that it’s particularly good anyway.

And just as a general point, I would be concerned about crew burn out. I honestly think we shouldn’t show films 6 nights a week. I remember struggling a lot in my term 1 as CDM when we hadn’t retained many stewards and a lot of DMs had left. I guess crew numbers are in a worse state than they were then? I know it’s more of an exec thing and the decision might have been made already.

we could show Black Widow in welcome week, might be a good idea bc it has been popular??

potential ideas for all nighters/weekender marathons

  • lord of the rings
  • bond selection??? if we show no time to die??
  • i like the idea of nolan batman

just throwing out ideas, i think one or two weekenders/all nighters (esp in term 1 when people have slightly more time on their hands to do that) could be a really fun one! plus i really wanna do one. fun.

Can we discuss how many 35mm pros we have and how much stress it will be to do two 35mm showings on week 6? It should be doable but it may be a lot.

I’m happy to do as much 35mm as physically possible even if it’s without trainee – I’m assuming I’m gonna live here in term 1 anyway and I’ll probably enjoy it more than digital. (and as I said I’ll be on campus every day with work anyway)

(also it’s not as though we can’t emergency switch to digital if we HAVE to should the sky fall in one week or whatever)