Autumn 2022 Schedule Draft 1

Also regarding this, ngl this film confuses me a lot. I can’t tell whether it’s a straight up just normal documentary, or whether it’s maybe interesting enough to put on the schedule.

Funny Pages got it’s UK release date btw if you’ve not seen. If other A24 titles could get their skates on that would be pog

Just a thought – might be worth approaching MTW/other performance socs about anything we could programme in conjunction with what they’re doing (maybe especially MTW cos we’re after ‘fun’ stuff? Or whoever Dirty Dancing was with??)

I mean I did something similar with anisoc, so I could do this for MTW and ask what sorta stuff they’d want and when. (although I don’t have any easy insider contacts unlike anisoc)

@Sueda do you wanna ask Panto :eyes: ?

(sorry for keep posting so much – I know it’s becoming the “old man talks to himself” thread but I’ll forget if I don’t get them out!!!)

We’ve not had a midnight horror in actually years now have we and they’re good fun. The Wicker Man feels like a good shout maybe and would leave you with one fewer double to find (bc it’d be on a Friday).