Autumn 2022 Schedule Draft 1

Heya everyone! Your beloved dictators of the filmsoc schedule here.
This is the first draft of the Autumn schedule.

As you may notice, a lot of the schedule is quite empty. This is because it’s so early that a lot of new releases simply haven’t had their release dates announced or have 0 information about them. Also means there’s lots of room for suggestions!

We seem to have also accidentally made Thursday our 35mm only day (excluding welcome week). Also let us know if the current amount of 35mm is too much.

Zain has also sent an email to Park Circus checking availability of some of these films plus more so we should hear back soon.

The earliest we can probably play the new Black Panther is w10 Friday (even though we normally end the schedule on the Tuesday that week). Is this something people are alright with? Or would people prefer if we push it back to term 2.

We do need ideas for an all-nighter as well, few of the ones we had were:

  • Spiderman all-nighter (likely embargoed though, so we’re checking the availability)
  • Star wars (York Student Cinema recently played episode 3 so might be possible?)
  • Halloween all-nighter (since we’re already potentially playing quite a few halloweeny films, could combine them into one)
  • Matt Damon Cameo All-nighter (fun idea, not many films to choose from though)
  • James Bond All-nighter
  • Could also just do a non-themed one

We’re also looking to host a programming meeting next week, so we can discuss all this (and a lot more which I haven’t included here). We’ve posted a poll of availability in the slack.

Also please let us know of any other film suggestions you have. (any lurkers without a discourse can also submit suggestions here)

How to Train Your Dragon Allnighter :pleading_face:

This is something we’ve discussed and was going to bring up in the programming meeting. It’s unfortunately not long enough to do an all-nighter we think, but we could do an entire evening of all three maybe. But it’s just whether we think it’ll do well enough to justify playing all three. (at a minimum we will 100% play the first one though)

Have you considered the expanded universe? There’s a few spin off films, not to mention an entire animated series :stuck_out_tongue:
though my will to sit through all if it may be quite low

People will generally either have sodded off home or, for the people in 30/31 week lets, be packing to be kicked out on the Saturday, won’t they?

I don’t mind it at all, but it is objectively a lot so it’s probably worth pointing out if anyone is like “ERRM” that some of the prints won’t exist/be available (RHPS for example)

Oh obvs, goes without saying but I have a lot of love for it so far

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Week 30/31 lets aren’t a thing for Warwick accommodation; I’m not aware of any Warwick accommodation where they kick you out over Christmas.

I personally also don’t remember people being in that big of a rush to go home at last Christmas. Obviously it still isn’t exactly ideal so if people think its better to push back to term 2 then we’re fine with that (although showing it 9 weeks after release definitely isn’t ideal either)

Back in my day grumble gurmble…

There’s no actual law against doing both if T2 is thin on the ground, I guess? Could be like ‘sneek peek’ in T1 or something?

This looks really good so far! I don’t know if it would be of interest but I think curzon are doing rereleases of Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire, and the trailer for Flux Gourmet looks interesting. Hope everything goes well for the next term!


Seconding Josh - love the look of it so far :heart: plus there’s a BFI re-release (4k) of Get Carter which just came out. I guess some of these restored classics could be back-up choices if any 35mm picks aren’t available?
Apologies if I’m getting ahead of myself, as I know we can chat in the meeting - but are we totally anti- doubles in Welcome Week? For example, if no other good suggestions come in, it might not be too far after release for a double of Thor to still do well. (also, I’m on a post-cinema high but please keep Elvis it’s terrific!)

I’d add that a ‘proper’ ‘classic’ on film towards the start of term usually does very well – something to introduce us to the film-y types and maybe for Film Production Society/Film Studies Society etc. to come along to. I think Brief Encounter’s been floated, or alternatively a Hitchcock (North By Northwest? Psycho?) since Vertigo did rather well for itself?


A term 1 pub quiz could definitely be on the cards to fill a Sunday slot seeing as it did quite well last term on the Sunday. Not sure what week yet but feel free to message me on Slack about it


Thanks everyone for you feedback and suggestions! They do help us a lot.

The following films have been added to the schedule:

  • Beast
  • Vengeance
  • Ticket to Paradise
  • Crimes of the Future
  • Avatar (@Sueda you have your wish)
  • Paris, Texas

And The Prestige has been moved to the double.

We both like this idea, so we’ll definitely think of something to add near the beginning! (might move Good Will hunting to later on as a result)

We are not, and there’s a chance we might make one or more of the films a double, especially considering this summer/autumn is quite dry for good new films.

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Any love for Moonage Daydream?

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pog pog pog pog avatar pog pog pog pog pog

don’t know if you’re still looking for suggestions but seeing as i can no longer come to the programming meeting (booo) thought i’d throw some suggestions on here!! maybe one or two chick flicks to sprinkle a little more variety??

  • one flew over the cuckoo’s nest (super pog)
  • Juno (pog)
  • jackie brown (haven’t seen but apparantly 25 yrs since first release according to the internet)
  • any star wars film (for welcome week?)

are there any european film releases that are coming out that interest us? idk if im just being blind but I’m used to seeing french/dutch/ etc films sprinkled on our schedule too and idk if i see any right now!!

but yes those are my littol suggestions <3 looks really good so far!!


‘Chick’ flicks or not, there’s probably something to be said for one or two slightly less bleak/action-y additions to WW. It’s all stuff I wanna watch so I think it’s super pog myself but it does have veeeery slight shades of 2019 mebbe?

Speaking of 2019, if you look at the attendances Juno is a standout as the only bomb (I think I might’ve lobbied for it as well… :grimacing: ). I’ll post the attendances on Slack


This could be cool? (and free!) Projectionism - Independent Cinema Office

(EDIT: just saw that it’s 12 mins; thought it was an actual feature)

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Maybe could play it as a short between films in say next all-nighter or between doubles bills? :eyes: (e.g. double of alien or blade runner)

There probably will be from Canne’s film festival which happened a few months ago, but not many of them have gotten proper release dates yet or don’t look good enough for us to justify playing.

We’ve added some stuff in Saturday’s programming meeting agenda about this for anyone who has not seen Slack

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