Autumn 2022 Schedule Draft 2

Heya everyone, we’ve just finished our second draft of the schedule!

Stuff we are conflicted on/have disagreements about:

  • Inu-oh vs Fantastic Women

  • The Mad Max double (will it actually do that well?)

  • Whether to put Moonage daydream on

  • Do we want to keep The Woman King?

Stuff we removed/aren’t sure about putting on:

  • Jurassic World
  • Light-year
  • Paddington 1 + 2
  • Where The Crowdas Sing (we put black phone here instead)

Please let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed or have forgotten from the programming meeting! Some stuff we could potentially move depending on how they perform when they release.

There’s 1 or 2 blanks just in case anything else comes to mind or is announced we want to add.

I did not know there were 35mm prints of Mad Max Fury Road in the UK (I think they might only be the normal version though? – choices!) – that’s SO cool!!! I think there’s only DCP of the 1st one though which isn’t exactly a problem.

Maybe it’s worth approaching the SU campaigns lot about La Haine? It could be a good BHM film (I think – I confess that I’ve never seen it!).

I have my concerns about an AllNighter in week 4 because it doesn’t give you much chance to be able to shout about it in its own right (because over results day/welcome week, we’re shouting about the existence of the schedule/the cinema in general) and maybe people don’t necessarily have close enough friends yet that they wanna go “hey let’s go to this thing”?

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Mad Max and The AllNighter have been swapped so hopefully this shouldn’t be an issue since it is now in w6.

W6 is reading week so probably the worst option for an AllNighter? Unless people have stopped going home @FABinhabitants? (inFABitants?)

Re. Black Adam and Amsterdam, you’ve only left 4 and 3 weeks so just a reminder to keep an eye on them bc obvs this is quite ambitious. If they’ve not opened booking (For Amsterdam, Disney are quite consistently a month before, aren’t they?) by the time we need to print, I’d guess we’d need to give Black Adam Amsterdam’s slot and then find a replacement to fill the gap. Ditto Wakanda Forever (cba to count but it’s not loads of weeks), I think we’re unlikely to get it booked before we print so we probably can’t commit to it in print, but I think we could easily do a Everything Everywhere… on it and then maybe repeat in T2 as just a KDM extension.

Oh whoops, forgot reading week was a thing (since it isn’t for me!).

Also unless I’m counting incorrectly, I believe they are both 4 weeks? (this could just be an ultra-stupid moment on my part)

And yeah I do agree they are quite ambitious, but we’ve managed to get it 4 weeks after release in term 3 for quite a few films (The Northman, Sonic 2, Morbius, Unbearable weight). Although Disney did ask for 6 weeks for Dr. Strange so we’ll probably need to have a chat about what to do.

I, indeed, cannot count. But yeah, I think we should definitely be pushing for as short windows as possible but imo we defo can’t be committing to them if they’re that level of up in the air. Have there been any Disney bookings less than 5 weeks after release?

Smallest I could find was 5 weeks. Guess that means we’re gonna have to move Amsterdam forward and not play Wakanda forever then…

Think we’ve made enough small changes which probably warrant a small update:

  • Have moved Amsterdam back to w10 and removed Wakanda Forever

  • Swapped Knives Out and See how they Run

  • Swapped The Prestige, All-Nighter and Black Adam around so that the All-Nighter is in w7

  • Swapped La Haine and HTTYD so that La Haine and Brief Encounter are not right next to each other since they probably target similarish audiences

  • Swapped Crazy Stupid Love and A Silent Voice

  • Removed My Policeman as we aren’t sure on it’s release date and it looks like it’ll be on Amazon Prime 2 weeks after release.

Think we have also decided that we want to show A Fantastic Woman, but are going to try and get the SU on-board with it.

We’ve also started contacting some distributors about film, we will update the schedule accordingly!

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Also forgot to add that Triangle of Sadness has been added, and we’ve been forced to remove Seven Samurai as BFI is no longer taking bookings for it due to some Kurosawa event they’re holding :frowning:

I often find that the best way to do a celebration of Kurosawa’s work is to stop anyone seeing Kurosawa’s work


(i know this is late to the party buttt) any room for Official Competition? i saw it recently and it’s very pog and also quite a different vibe from a lot of the schedule already so might be fun!