Autumn 2024/25 Draft Schedule 2

Hi Everyone! Here’s the second draft of the schedule after the very productive programming meeting! Suggestions for the remaining slots are very much appreciated and any other ideas are great too!

og footloose could be good to fill gaps, classic film and nice to mix in with some of the current selections. mtw (music theatre) is currently deciding on their theatre slot for term 2 next year and 2 of my friends are hoping to put on footloose so this would hopefully be a collab if they get the slot. even if not i think it would be a good film anyway and we’ve got spaces on the schedule :))

I’m aware I’ve said “we did that last year” FAR too many times recently only for it to turn out that I’m actually thinking of some time in 1937, but didn’t we actually do Footloose last year (and it did kinda bad)? I wrote a really naff review and everything!

that’s fair, i don’t know if they got the slot anyway, it was more of an ‘if they get it it would be cool to collab’ kinda thing

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Hey, something that has been brought up and is bothering me as well is that Dune part 2 ffe is sort of tough from a front of house perspective. The movie spills over and if we have the same stewards/dms for all screenings, it can be a bit hard to manage the crowd clashes. The last screening would start around 9:30-10 because the 6pm one would not start at 6 either. It is not a good look to start the term with films that start later than the advertised time. Maybe we can change the times to 2pm, 6pm, and 9:30pm? Or alternatively, ffe for everyone can be another movie and we still show dune part 2 in ww. I do get though that it is the only newish blockbuster and will do well. Also allows us to flex our sound and visuals

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Although, otoh, I suppose at this point there’s no expectation that we have 15 mins of trailers so there’s no reason I guess why we couldn’t fit a 2hr 47 film into a 3 hour slot and just tell people to be early


yeah that makes sense. Can make them work that way

The timing for FFE is something to consider. If we don’t do ads and trailers for dune: part 2 then we’re missing the initial “wow this is a real cinema with ads and trailers and all!” Unless we just cut down substantially and only do like 5 mins of trailers and no ads. Changing the times of the shows wouldn’t hurt necessarily as long as crew know and the pub/marketing is clear enough.

We can think about some other alternatives in the meantime incase a better option presents itself but Dune will undoubtedly do well if we can work around the tight timing


looking through the new releases section again and id back unicorns, crossing, and possibly kill if we have room near-ish release, unicorns especially. starve acre could be good too as a kind of british folk horror thing (salem’s lot too maybe? also horror tho i recognise we’ve got halloween already)
also as a note for the stuff already on: letterboxd is saying both touch (icelandic) and orlando (french) are primarily not in english
+on dune: i think changing the start time is a good idea. it’s our first film of the year and we’re showing it three times, so it’s kind of a Special Event + i don’t think anyone would really blink at the different start time if we had it clear on pub etc. we’d also want to make sure we had enough time for selling tickets, etc if we get a lot of people, so moving the timings would be easier in that respect i think than trying to cram it into the normal window

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I’d suggest either doing the shows at 2pm, 6pm, and 10pm as it would give us plenty of time between shows. Or 3pm, 6:30pm, and 10pm if we don’t want a massive gap between shows, but for it to still be manageable.

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Little Megalopolis pitch: Like Kieran said a while back, it now has a release date (27th of September) and the hype is fair so how about putting it in one of the empty slots at the end of term? Thursday week 9 looks juicy (?).
The thing is I have literally no idea what sort of film it is or the kind of audience it’ll attract, even after reading loads of reviews - I am simply baffled. But it has THE most linear ratings curve I have EVER seen on letterboxd, so I’m thinking we just must show a film this polarising. If people talk about it a lot (like they did just after cannes, where it made a splash) it’ll make the masses want to watch it so… cash money. Thoughts?


i mentioned ‘close to you’ in one of the previous drafts perhaps for trans day of visibility in november. i just watched the film at a preview as part of bristol pride’s celebrations and i would love to show this film if we are able to have a tdov screening. to me it shows an authentic trans experience but is accessible to people of all gender identities and has great general representation in other aspects too, specifically disability.
the screening i saw had descriptive captions so i wonder if we’re able to show the film with the same captions (makes sense as one of the protagonists is hard of hearing too)


worth trying to make room for twisters anywhere? seems to be doing pretty well

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