Autumn doubles on the schedule and thinking AllNight

After the silence on the Possible Doubles thread, I’ve gone ahead and put up a proposed schedule for the doubles for the Autumn term.

However, this is far from finalised. Probably two of these films will need to be moved to headline the AllNighter, and as such, will need replacing in double slots.

My proposal would be to have Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as the main headliner, followed by Funny People.

As such, i’d then move either The Boat that Rocked or Duplicity into the first Sunday slot, shift all the other Sundays down and push Public Enemies across into the vacated Friday.

We might also need a couple more double replacements on stand-by due to release dates of Public Enemies and Inglorious Basterds.

What do people think?

Looks pretty good. Quite a few films I hadn’t heard of! How exciting.

Here’s my two cents:

  • Is the G.I. Joe film going to be worth a double? Seems a bit naff. But that’s prob just my taste.
  • Fast & Furious feels more like a Friday film to me than a Sunday. Yet I’ve no suggestion with what to swap it with. Perhaps same with Crank, but less so.
  • I would vouch for Boat That Rocked and/or Duplicity getting a double. Haven’t seen either yet but they look quite alright.

I think that Public Enemies is more like a Friday film and I think that Crank is also a Friday, possibly could swap Harry Potter and Crank. Also Fast and Furious is maybe a Friday but with the lack of distinctly Sundayish films I would say that Public Enemies is the most Sunday of the three.

I agree with Owen that either Duplicity or The Boat that Rocked could do a double.

It does amuse me that there are certain Friday- and certain Sunday-feeling films :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to suggest Harry Potter for a Sunday perhaps, but when has it shown in the past? Do we generally do better on big Friday films than big Sunday ones?

Only The Order of the Phoenix has been shown on a Friday; the others have been Sunday or Sunday and Monday (when we used to show films on Mondays).

Intuitively, I’d say not, but someone with access to the database could give you a quantitative answer for all Friday and Sunday films.

I’d go with the Friday for Harry Potter, especially as they’re usually pretty long (there’s no runtime on IMDb or even an entry on BBFC yet!)

It is a bit bizarre that there’s so many Friday type films coming out for the Autumn - i guess next term’s full of Sundays though!

I’d be a bit against doubling up on films that are coming out already, simply due to how old they’ll be by then :-s Let the Right One in might be able to move to a double, if it does well once it’s out :-s


Intuitively, I’d say not, but someone with access to the database could give you a quantitative answer for all Friday and Sunday films.[/quote]

To expand on this, I’d say that there were simply more big Friday films than big Sunday films, and that the Sunday and Friday attendances for a film like Harry Potter would be similar.

I know it’s a bit of a lost cause by this point but i’ve gotta say again that i don’t think we should show pulp fiction next year, we’ve shown it more times than i can remember since i’ve been here, the latest of which was last autumn.

In the possible doubles thread there were 18 suggestions for the 17 slots and that isn’t counting other films currently considered for singles. If we’re gonna show classics which i think definitely should have a place on our schedule then why not try more original ideas rather than the same films year after year. I know i’m not really being helpful with suggesting films at this point but i’ll have a think about it and i’m sure there are people who are much more imaginative than myself on here.

i’ve copied a post from doubles into here cos maybe more appropriate here?
i think ‘observe and report’ could be double material - seth rogen, who normally fares reasonably well (unless you’re saving this as all-n. material possibly?)

In my first year the allnighters were awesome because they showed really well heard of films and the ones that werent so well heard of were generally rubbish anyway and were the ones that got slept through.
This past year’s two lineups and the proposed lineup for term 1 have something in common - they are full of unheard of films! film nights are all about watching classics and blockbusters! why all the rubbishness??

To the un-named person, do you have any suggestions as to what should be on the allnighter?