Autumn Term 2012 Suggestions

What films would you like WSC to show in the first term of the next academic year?

The suggestions page for Autumn 2012 is now open:

See what has been suggested so far here.

The suggestions page will close on 8 May, but a draft schedule will be posted on this thread beforehand. There will be a programming meeting in the third or fourth week of the summer term to decide the schedule officially.

Feel free to make your suggestions and post links on this thread.

Just to check, what’s the latest release date we can get onto the schedule?

G.I. Joe: Retaliation:
Ice Age: Continental Drift:
The Bourne Legacy:
The Expendables 2:
The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists:

And perhaps:

The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists was awesome; so awesome in fact that it’s already scheduled for the summer term. :stuck_out_tongue:

The week ending Friday 14 September, give or take a week.

My bad… and I have yet to see it!

This easter I have seen The Hunger Games (good), Wrath of the Titans (hahahaha…terrible and hence hilarious) and The Cold light of day (very mediocre action film)

Well, I put my suggestions in last night.

Thanks for the suggestion Harry… (I’d back your first, but not the others…)

I think, given the audience Clash of the Titans drew, we can probably afford to give the sequel a miss.

Tim, are you saying you wouldn’t put the new Bourne film on the schedule?!

Or Expendables 2! :evil:

Or indeed Ice Age 4?

on a single screening.Ice Age 3

Well I’m no fan of any of those films, but if they sell well then I will at least be neutral about them.[hr]
So many suggestions!

So many misspellings!

So many repetitions!

[quote=‘ImperatorAtticus’ pid=‘34631’ dateline=‘1334058313’]
Well I’m no fan of any of those films, but if they sell well then I will at least be neutral about them.[/quote]

But it’s not in the slightest about what one’s a fan of, it’s about what’s best for the society and what provides the diversity that we aim to give to our wider audience.

Neutrality is a bit useless really - be pro or proper con, but don’t sit on the fence… you’ll get splinters!!!

I’m neutral - I’m not going to add them to the list, but I won’t oppose anyone if they do…

And if it is a case of diversity… these are all sequels to films that we have already shown, hardly diverse no? But if that is what the people want, then let them eat cake!

I don’t think I’ve ever met a comfy fence to sit on, and typically you’re kinda raised above the others on either side, making you a bigger target! :stuck_out_tongue:

You do realise, that’s as good of an argument as any to not show the Hobbit?! Diversity within a schedule, not from year to year - if anything, we should be homing-in on the ultimate schedule - with as many films by the Stath as possible :wink:

We may have to make do with just Safe and The Expendables 2.

Can I say that this looks epic:

:open_mouth: It’s Olivia from 5 Second Films!

I also saw that Harry - though I thought it rather cliché… But then, so much is on our schedule!