Autumn Term 2018 - Suggestions

Hello all, Josh and Alice (#Bullgow) here

Here we have our draft for the Autumn schedule: Draft Schedule Autumn 2018 WSC.xlsx - Google Sheets

If you have any other suggestions for films we may have overlooked, post them here and we’ll be sure to discuss them in the programming meeting on Saturday (in OC1.02 at 4pm).

So yeah, go nuts, Byeeee.

Could I suggest that Black Panther be free for everyone instead of free for members only - especially since it is the first film and we’re barely gonna have members by then. While having it as free for everyone would be a huge point of attracation to get new members.

(This is Lakshmi btw, not Benji)

It was definitely intended as such don’t worry! Just a small colour muck-up!

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