Autumn Term 2019 Schedule Suggestions

  • Strongly Agree
  • Dependent on critical and commercial success
  • Will look into it. Annabelle will probably take the cake
  • I’ll see about doing both!
  • Elf was done not too long ago. Die Hard would be nice as a 70mm option along with a possible Kubrick.
  • Including Terminator 2 would be a great choice. Little inclination for the first one. I’m still unsure about Dark Fate.

The pub quiz was definitely a tough one to plop in. I will bring this up at the upcoming meeting to see about options.
Slightly agree on Drive. I’ll probably demote it to another weekday and get a new release on that slot. (Zombieland 2 (Maybe even Jim Jarmusch’s Zombie Movie!!!), Annabelle, etc).

I’ll definitely try to put in the Lion King. It sure will be a smash hit for us.

Annabelle 3 possibly. TCoLL, unlikely.

Also available in 70mm if you want some 70mm instead of (if you want something more convetionally Christmassy but I’m not sure it needs to be an either/or given how Love Actually and Muppets both did this year), or even in addition to, Die Hard (they both live at Bradford so we’d be making the trip anyway). The first one is in 35mm, but it’d be “fun” (i.e. a pain) to do 35mm and 70mm back-to-back if you’re thinking of going the double/triple bill route, so some serious eyelash-fluttering at Andy/Alex would be required and at minimum you’d have to have a break between films to refocus the lamp.

On a more serious note from me:

  • Lion King, Lego movie & Zombieland suggestions look good
  • I agree we should be wary of all the superhero films (Although Spiderverse MUST stay!)
  • I would love to see some older films, particularly Memento, included even if there’s no sequel tie-in
  • Everything that Alice said!
  • Die Hard would be brilliant!

I MAY about spreading the superhero movies out (while a case can be made for them being under the superhero category, we’re dealing with wildly different takes. (New Mutants is a ocean away from Shazam!)) (Also counting each film in the dark knight all-nighter is plain misleading).

TLM2 isn’t a choice that comes to mind, also not sure if a studio would let that happen for such a recent release.

Annabelle would work as a midnight. Child’s Play less so.

Godzilla and MIB would probably work. I’d agree the other 2 not so much.

Hard sell on those 3. CM would also add to the ‘superhero density’.

It’s a tough one, but I’ll work on getting attention to this.

I’d probably go Mulholland Drive over Memento in the ‘What the f*** is going on with this movie’ category. Whether it’s the 2005 or 2019 serenity, almost definitely not.

Sidenote: Sorry if i’m being a bit obscure or blunt with responses, but it’s tougher to elaborate my responses than a librarian in a snowstorm while Slash is doing the guitar solo from Sweet Child O’ Mine. If necessary, I’ll expand on points if needed.

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A sequel tie-in?! Do you mean the remake that Nolan’s doing or an actual sequel that just keeps going even more behind in the timeline, sparking a franchise that goes needlessly into the past back to Leonard’s childhood, his parent’s time at college, Ben Franklin playing with lightning, the battle of Hastings, the end of the dinosaurs, (you get the idea)

It’ll be ~8 months old at that point, so almost certainly.

Hmm… I think the point @Aglasgow makes about there being a bit of a dearth of not only films by women, but also ones about them is a good one, especially when welcome week essentially functions to “set out our stall”. Perhaps this vs Shazam might be one way of looking at addressing this somewhat, but also I know next to nothing about superhero films so this is based pretty much only on “they’re both big examples of the genre that came out at similar times”.

Few points to add:

  • Lego Movie 2 wasn’t very successful commercially, and I think Shrek is a much better choice.
  • It wouldn’t make the most sense to schedule Captain Marvel after Endgame, and I think Endgame is a fantastic pick for welcome Saturday.
  • I suggested Elf in addition to Die Hard so we have a proper Christmas film in there too. I really want to have Die Hard in there too!
  • Really agree with Naz on the superhero point, especially when you’ve got some that are very different genres.
  • Would love a triple bill of Terminator, but I know I might be in the minority. Only reason I suggested all three is because the 2nd one has a great impact with subversion of expectations when you’ve seen the first one. I’m dubious about the overall audience interest, but could be something to explore at the meeting.
  • Agree with Reece’s points on some of the doubles in week 6-9. While some could be great films, a few are sure to flop.

I’m really excited to see how the schedule develops!

Oh, yeah, that’s a point actually! We tried doing a film on the Saturday last (academic) year and it got 26 people vs. the 287 people the same film (Moana) got the next day. Harmless enough when it’s the same film, but it’d maybe feel a pity to squander a film’s only shot at getting an audience if it were to turn out similarly this time (and, frankly, who knows? Though that said, I think it was this year that they stopped everybody just turning up on Saturday anyway and so you might expect it to be worse, but I forget these things)

I suppose re. the doubles, we have the advantage of being able to sit back and see how they perform so perhaps a sensible thing to bring to the meeting is a “if not these, then what?” discussion.

Not to flex, but I could give a TED talk on just about any Marvel/DC property.

Shazam V Captain Marvel is probably going to be a fight for the Sunday spot. I think I’ll leave this decision a little later to account for the critical and commercial consensus regarding both movies. I’ll probably go for the option people want the most.

I’ll get some views on choices for an outdoor screening at the next meeting.

If I do go for CM, I’ll have to think about the best structure.

I would be open to ‘2’ christmas movies, although I wouldn’t jump at the idea of Elf. Again, we’ll get some suggestions at the next meeting. (Same with the approach to the Terminators)

I’ve made the Sunday screenings singles! (6:30)

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Meh, I’ve never seen them (gasp) but this strikes me as something that people would go for. Perhaps limiting it to just the first two (which in my ignorance I’m assuming are the ones people actually care about – though do correct me!) might strike a financial risk/reward/effort balance if the conversation heads that way?

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Dark Fate is one of those sequels that ignores all the other sequels except Judgement Day. It seems like a good idea to show all three if we can, but if Dark Fate doesn’t do that well then we could do a Terminator 1&2 double bill in term 2.

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On top of my previous points I’ve got a few more to add:

  • Spread out the most fun films so we have a good mix throughout term.
  • Reduce the amount of superhero movies on the schedule by leaving Dark Knight to term 2. We could do lord of the rings this term instead.
  • I’d like to see Tolkien on a Tuesday or Thursday.
  • There’s a lot of action heavy films in the schedule and I think we should diversify these picks a little. If the newer films seem destined to do well then we should pick more fun films as the classic/older films.
  • Remember that we’ll have plenty of chances to show the classics in term 2 when there are less summer action films about.
  • I think Koyaanisqatsi should go, just because it’s probably not going to have much appeal to our audience.
  • I don’t think we should show The Shining again after showing it last year
  • Also it feels like Pulp Fiction should get a break for a year given how many times we show it.

I think there are some comedies about this summer that we could fit in, and there are certainly some more heartwarming classics that could enter the conversation. One of our biggest strengths is our diverse schedule with something for everyone so let’s try our best to maintain that!

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  • I thought doing TDK trilogy would work especially well before we screen the Joker. It’s also one of those allnighters that doesn’t turn into an all-day thing and will only last about 7h 2m.

  • I’ll make my mind up on Tolkien once we get some box office numbers and reviews.

  • This is definitely a topic that we’ll have to discuss in the PM (regarding schedule diversity).

  • Koyaanisqatsi is definitely an obscure film. But that absolutely isn’t a reason to kick it out. With the right amount of advertising to different societies, i’m sure that this film will be a welcome pick to a few people.

  • That screening of the shining never happened as it was cancelled due to some bad weather. (But I am open to some other Kubrick, Dr Strangelove/ Full Metal Jacket?)

  • It’s one film that’s always a smash hit and has that rare ‘replayability factor’. But I would be interested in perhaps replacing with Reservoir Dogs…

If we did Dark Knight, it would need about an hour extra for breaks, and it would realistically be from 21:30-5:30 if you wanted to make sure it finishes in time for buses. (Assuming it’s an allnighter event anyway). I’m just saying that the audience for the dark knight trilogy won’t go away by doing it in term 2 instead of term 1.
We did show the Shining as a Free for everyone film on the Sunday after it was cancelled.
And I’d definitely favour Resevoir dogs if you do want a Tarantino film before Once in Hollywood.
Also, I’m still desperate for a proper Christmas film in week 10 to go alongside Die Hard. And I think we could leave a slot free to vote on this at the programming meeting.

Not until at least 2020, we can’t. :frowning:

Also, fwiw, there’s no 35mm of Reservoir Dogs in the UK at all, so you’d probably not want to swap them like-for-like (at least in terms of positioning) anyway.

I think a midnight start would work quite well for this

I also think Koyaanisqatsi should go. I agree we should show films from different genres to appeal to as many people as possible over a schedule, but I don’t think a film that potentially 2 people will come to is a good way of doing that. I really don’t think it will appeal to many people, and there are probably other films that would do a better job of fulfilling the same role.