Autumn Term 2019 Schedule Suggestions

Good day all.

I present to you the proposed Warwick student cinema schedule for the autumn term 2019:!AhlusaLY4HUFgaFLN4JXxphZOWi4Vg

The programming meeting is set for Wednesday 1st May from 3-4PM in R1.0. Everyone is welcome to pop by and give their thoughts.

Some of the veterans may notice a different style to the schedule. I decided to use some bold colours on the schedule to distinguish the different types of screenings. The second sheet entitled “Strength” is a measure of movies which I consider to be ‘weaker’ or ‘concrete’. I would encourage alternatives to weaker films as I am unsure on the choice. On the other hand, I am super comfortable with concrete choices and whilst you can still challenge me on them, it’ll be tough to get me to budge!

After the recent cataclysm with our digital projector, I constructed this schedule with the hope of a working projector that could show movies from a cross section of genre and style.

I hope that you can give some well-thought improvements to the schedule and what you would like to see.
Feel free to give your thoughts below this post, comment on the Facebook post or capture my ever elusive presence on campus to tell me what you think!

  • Nazish M
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As the ever-present mosquito-like evangelist of film-on-film buzzing away in people’s ears:

  • I don’t think there’s 35mm A Hard Day’s Night
  • Ad Astra may be getting 35mm prints, and if you wanted a new release with them, Thunder Road did. I also REALLY want 35/70mm Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. :heart:
  • Leon: The Professional and Koyaanisquatsi definitely did not too long ago.
  • If you mean the 2011 Drive then afaik that has 35mm too.

Also, I’m almost certain that the UK distribution rights to Pi have lapsed and that Snowpiercer never got a UK release, so you’ll probably struggle on those. I’d expect Warner to pull the original It, too (and wouldn’t count on Sony not doing similarly with Spider-man).

Oh, and obvs, The Dark Knight trilogy is glorious in 35mm too

Hi - it seems like there are a lot of films to fit in next term what with the projector breaking, and i think you’ve handled it on the schedule nicely!

Would it possible for you to please add the years of all the classic films you have put on the schedule so we know which version? (for example with oldboy and ghost in the shell there’s a few different releases with that same name) Also same goes for labelling intended 35mm/70mm films plz!

My initial reaction is that there is a lot of action and thrillers, and male directed and orientated films in the classic picks, so i would suggest some more non-action films (a romance or comedy, or pre 60’s film perhaps) as well as more films orientated/about women as i think they’re under-represented at the moment (just spur of the moment suggestions maybe something like Big/Wayne’s world or Clueless/Erin Brockovich/Hitchcock’s Rebecca)

having Both It 1 and 2 would be great - but i should warn that It 1 will probably be pulled from screening by the distributors during the release of the sequel, its annoying that they do this, but fingers crossed its not the case this time. Also a dark knight trilogy sounds super fun :heart_eyes: (would any be in 70mm? :o)

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As if!

(naff opportunism from me aside, +1 to all Alice’s suggestions). And unfortunately not to the Dark Knight, but they are all in 35mm. 1989’s Batman is in 70mm, however.

I’ll try my hardest to find a possible print. If not, I will probably check for Yellow Submarine!

If any fresh 35mm prints are due to come out, I’ll probably screen them in place of the digital option (ESPECIALLY if Tarantino’s doing a 70mm of OUATIH).

I had a good look for records of these movies and found nothing. Leon may be a possible screening we’ve done before, but I doubt Koyaanisqatsi having been shown recently/ shown at all

If it’s a decent print, I’ll probably book that!

Will definitely add the years. (But there’s obviously no way I would want to screen Spike Lee’s Oldboy or the live-action GITS (Spoiler: They SUCK)).

That’s definitely something I will try to change. I’ve been looking for a chance to get The Heathers on a schedule, so I’ll try chasing that up along with Mulholland Drive (Possibly a Wednesday on welcome week). (Also, you could say I’ve got something that is rater ROMANTIC for Valentines)

I guess pulling It: Part 1 is likely. In that case, I’ll probably give Midsommar a midnight screening and have It: Part 2 as a double screening.

Great choices for the schedule! Very excited for a Dark (All)Knighter! I agree with Alice’s points about diversifying the classic picks and have a few suggestions of my own:

  • Lion King 2019 (would probably be better than Aladdin)
  • Detective Pikachu
  • Maybe replace Child’s Play with Annabelle Comes Home depending on what the horror fans want
  • Zombieland: Double Tap (Oct 2019) as a fun pick (I’d prefer this over the art of self defense)
  • Maybe a proper Christmas movie in week 10 (sorry Die Hard fans). Elf?

Also, please don’t get rid of Terminator! I think we should do a triple bill of Terminator, Judgement Day and Dark Fate :smile:

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Hey Nazish,

This looks an interesting schedule, and kudos on having it drafted so early - I think it’s a record!

I’m in two minds about the pub quiz being where it is - I know it’s not in its traditional slot, but it’d probably sell out wherever it was. An interesting shout - I don’t know…

All of the doubles from week 6-9 feel a bit iffy to me - I can’t see Drive doing well enough at all, for example (although, if you’re keen on it, it could be a single by all means). I’m sure there are any films that could replace them - you’ve a lot of the year to choose from.

One obvious choice, and a surprising omission, is The Lion King, which is essentially free money for us. I’d also recommend Annabelle 3 as a midnight screening - it’s exactly the kind of film that works for a midnight film, and all the Conjuring movies have done very well here (a similar option would be The Curse of La Llarona, although I doubt there’s the space or that anyone would miss it).

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I think The Lion King is a big omission (though show it as well as, rather than instead of, Aladdin).

There’s quite a lot of superhero films (I think I counted 11), which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but there’s quite a lot concentrated early on in the term.

I think The Lego Movie 2 would make a much better outdoor screening than Shrek, and is one of the bigger releases form last (this) term not currently on the schedule.

I think adding Annabelle to the schedule as a midnight, and maybe moving Child’s play to a midnight (if it is out by then) wouldn’t be a bad shout. If we can’t show It, I think moving It 2 to a double would be a good idea as well.

I don’t think Godzilla, Rambo and Terminator will do very well, and would possibly be better placed as singles/ not on the schedule at all. Similarly, I’m not sure MIB would do well as a double.

Films from last term that I think should be included somewhere are Lego Movie 2, Captain Marvel and Detective Pikachu.

I guess it does fill up a bit of a gap in genres, but I’m not convinced by Koyaanisqatsi.

Films that I’d quite like to see on the schedule (just because I like them) are Memento and Serenity.

Looks like a great schedule so far though!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again (and especially since we’re either having to play catch-up with term 3, or throw films under the bus), but we’ve more than enough of the “films that will just about make money and get OK figures but not fill L3” (Lion King, Detective Pikachu depending on how it does, Pet Sematary etc.) to fill single Monday slots, and there was near-unanimous approval from crew when we discussed this last.

From a proj PoV, having more films to quickly get people up to speed with the new kit would be definitely be a big plus

I don’t think we should bother showing films that will just about make money as you put it. We simply don’t have enough DMs and stewards to staff these extra screenings and actually the previous film officers decided against an extra day of filmsoc in the term 2 schedule since it is very important that we all get some time away from the society.
I certainly don’t think there was unanimous approval from crew, and if whoever you discussed it with did agree then that wasn’t everyone. The DM team definitely didn’t all want Monday screenings.
You would surely be training people before term starts anyway? It wouldn’t be wise to begin term with projs unsure on how the new kit works anyway.

OK, fair, I see how that’s ambiguous. My point was that whilst the then-films officers didn’t want to take on the work of programming and potentially chasing up the extra 9 films, when indicative votes were taken at their respective committee meetings a very clear majority of both DMs and projectionists were in favour of the idea, so I think there’s mileage in the idea if Naz also thinks it has legs. I agree it’d probably be worth canning the early Sunday slot so that no more net time would be spent here and no more crewing would be needed.

Fair point about Sundays, but having discussed with Naz previously we had agreed that Sunday 3:30s would be dropped anyway. This is mainly due to the real lack of any significant audience with these screenings and with a difficulty in getting enough crew to do them. He’s said he will correct the schedule to say Sunday single soon.
Thinking back to the programming meeting for term 2, the point from the film officers was more to do with wanting to allow crew to have two evenings away from films, and I think this is a very important thing to maintain.
I understand that there was a majority in favour of monday screenings, but we also never had the option of just a sunday single. Given the amount of DMs leaving this term, we just won’t have enough people to cover that many screenings. I can’t say I’m prepared to sacrifice another evening to Filmsoc just so we can show extra films that have been out for a long time anyway.

Ah, I see. I guess we might wanna tell Naz to take the “double” bit off the Sunday column. :wink: I take it we are in at least in agreement that the early Sunday slot is not exactly the most effective use of our time and effort, then?

Either way, maybe now isn’t the time because Lord knows I sympathise with sometimes feeling like we live here, but the gradual rolling-back of how many shows the society as a whole puts on (and thus how many trainees we take on and qualify and, ultimately, how large the teams are) got us in this mess in the first place, and does still seem to be making this issue – where individually we each still end up doing more – steadily worse, and I get the feeling that the barebones T3 really isn’t gonna help that!

I certainly know on the proj end of things (which, granted, is starker because we have no opportunity for qualification this term) we have people who would’ve not only been qualified, but actively training next year and who now won’t be.

Also your new profile picture looks kinda like Adam Bedford when thumbnail sized and it’s very confusing! :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO this is a stroke of absolute genius

Do I spy a 70mm Die Hard? Will they allow us to have that again after last time? :wink:

Shhh! :open_mouth:

I was told this in a ‘Getting Involved’ talk – It must be our worst kept secret lol

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