Autumn Term Schedule 2016

Here is the first draft schedule for the Autumn term 2016. If you feel like leaving any comments or suggestions - please do, I’ll try to address all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like the AllNighter needs some bigger new films. Potentially even Finding Dory? Also, maybe end on a christmassy film? Elf did pretty well last time.

Is the Sunday week 1 film going to be a free screening?

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For Ran, surely we’d want to get the 4K remaster from Independent Cinema Office, given that they’re cheaper than Park Circus and BFI (unless they can get us the 35mm print?) Even still, while there are some great classics about, are you sure they’re available in 35mm?

I’m not convinced Free State of Jones should be a double. Plus its release date is now in September.

The allnighter definitely needs some stronger films. I think the Sausage Party trailer has had a lot of positive reactions and might be able to bring in an audience.

Also, what about Eye in the Sky? It’s been reviewed well, and positive reactions from audiences, plus has Alan Rickman in one of his last films.

I also agree with a christmass-y film. And possibly speak to @AP92 about the likelihood of being able to project 70mm next academic year.

Looks pretty good, and I agree with the comments about the AllNighetr. It needs a headline film. The older films look great though :slight_smile:

What are peoples thoughts about Popstar, The Secret Life of Pets and Absolutly Fabulous? :slight_smile:

Also, love the amount of 35mm :smiley:

We could’ve shown Apocalypse Now for free… :frowning:

@thomaspurchas !!! ( :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: )

For the Allnighter would we be able to get Back to the Future in 70mm? That’d be cool. Though don’t know where we’re at with 70mm

Would it be worthwhile having Bourne Identity before Jason Bourne?
Or the first Independence Day?

Like the look of it, though :slight_smile: Just my vague ramblings/brain-offloading.

Please no. Although if @Lebo88 is interested in a Hitchcock film instead of Psycho, there’s a 70mm copy of Vertigo from the 90s.

There have been some disappointing AllNighter attendances recently. If you really want to have a chance of selling out the autumn AllNighter, I think you have to headline with the two films that together have the widest appeal: Jason Bourne and Finding Dory. Both films could then be screened again early in the spring term.


Definitely end with a Christmas film.

The final draft of the schedule below. I’m planning to send it off Friday evening if no major complaints arise. Please comment if you have any last minute suggestions. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing to have Finding Dory in both the All nighter and the main schedule - I’d say we’re much better off pushing it from the Saturday to a date in term 2 - leaving it as exclusive to the All nighter in term 1.
(Just my 2 pence, though)

(And otherwise looks great! :slight_smile: )

I agree and I’d go as far as to say it’s detrimental to the AllNighter to have one of the headline films on the same schedule.

Also, why is Pulp Fiction in reading week? Why not swap it with Now You See Me 2?

Brilliant choice of Christmas film, by the way.

You don’t need send it off just yet. Maybe wait for a few more of the films to come out. You need around 10 weeks before the term starts to send the schedule.

Nine Lives looks incredibly cringe-worthy, and I’m not sure how appropriate it would be for our sort of audience.

Have you looked into these films as well?

I also don’t think we should show finding dory outside of the allnighter this term. I’d definitely move pulp fiction as well.

Oh ok, I thought it should be ready before the term ends. I will wait in such case.

Thank you for your suggestions, I can’t really disagree with any of them, so I will include those in the reviewed schedule (you can check it above).

Also, Swiss Army Man has no UK release date so far (no distributor either I think).

Don’t Breathe got positive responses when it was shown in SXSW a few months ago. Perhaps would do better than Before I Wake which has been getting mediocre reactions since its release.

Also, I’ve been recommended The Shallows with Blake Lively.