Avatar (again)

Clearly James Cameron didn’t think it made enough money. :shock:


Should keep the cash flowing until he can make Avatar 2.

Looks like the bubble’s finally burst, with appalling DVD sales:


Update on Avatars 2 and 3:

Sigourney Weaver’s going to be in both, in spite of having died already in the first one :frown:

And here are the release dates (apparently these were released yonks ago!)

And just to take Peter Jackson’s crown back (see this geeky hobbit article!), JC has decided to now go and record the new Avatars in 3D at 60fps!!!

Um… so the latest news isn’t about Avatar 2… or Avatar 3 :shock


One might almost think that Avatar 2 and 3 were already complete…

BBC has got the same story about the three sequels… 11 months later!