Greetings, if I could get a display picture you’d be able to tell its jimmy e, but as it is Im just going to have to tell y’all :slight_smile:

So anyway, how may I upload a picture?

You mayn’t, unfortunately. You can choose one of the gallery ones, or upload one somewhere else and use that one.

You can link to an avatar from http://www.avatarist.com although they probably won’t have a picture of yourself there

Just a thought, you can also link to your filmsoc profile image…

Actually, forget that. The forums don’t like the URLs.

Should have checked before I posted, really…

that’s true, although you can retrieve your contacts page image and save it in an alternate area of webspace such as your warwick webspace if you have created it…

and should I have dogbert, the tatu girls or marilyn manson as my avatar? decisions decisions

Definitely Dogbert - I think the newspaper is a nice touch…

This conversation would make more sense to me if I’d read it before I disabled remote avatars in favour of uploaded ones…

Yay! My picture disappeared.

:smiley: Thanks Richard! :smiley:

i want a picture - a nioce one but i can never get avatars to work, i’ve tried on all forums I used, and so far have only managed a pic of peach from super mario once!

I don’t think my avatar is working. I try putting the link to the image from my webspace but it doesn’t show under the “Current Image” bit on the profile page.

Any ideas why?

Yes; it’s the same problem that keeps occuring. I’ve fixed it now, but it will return soon, and I don’t know why…

If anyone doesn’t want a “technical” explanation, stop reading now.
The poblem is, the folder where the avatars are stored is owned by website and the group is www-data. I keep giving the group write access to the folder, but it keeps disappearing, and I don’t know why.

That’s better. Does it have to copy them to a folder, why not just use them off the given website.
If you can, you could set up a cron job to change the group access as a temporary solution.


Because then it’s possible to have ridiculously large avatars…

Hopefully the problem should be properly cured now; there was a script that was periodically setting the permissions for the whole website; I’ve added a line to change the permissions for the avatar folder.