They’ve released a teaser trailer for avatar! :smiley:


They’ve also done a few very advanced screenings, with extremely positive reviews.

There’s a James from Sheffield commenting on this. Though the way we know it’s not our Mac is not the initial, it’s the succession of two exclamation marks…

They’ve only seen 15mins of it though so I guess I won’t have to get too jealous.

Quite right.

I saw Avatar earlier on at Millennium Point and can vouch that it’s awesome - see it in IMAX 3D if you can - it’s the only way to see it :!:

Well… there’s also L3!

I saw it on Thursday at the odeon and have to agree with you about it being awesome. Hopefully I’ll get to see it at an IMAX in the new year.

I saw it yesterday in 3d at a normal cinema, was pretty awesome - I’ll def go and try and see it in 3d at an IMAX!