Best Classic Christmas film!

As suggested by the title, 'tis a seasonal film poll.

(It has to be at least a GRADE 2 Christmas film.)


Which one is the most English?
Therefore which one is the best? :roll:

My family always watches A Christmas Carol over the holiday break - Alastair Sim is brilliant in it.

Got to be Santa Claus: The Movie.


I propose Second Star to the Left, albeit somewhat short to be a Film as such.

Else why wasn’t Home Alone, the number one grossing holiday movie ever not on the list? Or our own Christmas film this season?! :slight_smile:

6 votes and all for different films so far.

I agree. Scrooge is the best classic Christmas film.

Can’t believe I forgot Home Alone…

Die Hard isnt a Christmas film in the same way as the others - i dont think this vote is fair :!: