Black Sheep

Indeed, this is a film that you go into without knowing exactly what you’re going to get…

It’s also a film that you come out of not quite sure if you’ve found out yet…

Nah, if i’m honest… it’s about sheep… lots of sheep… and they’ve gone bad! Please please pretty please can this be on the schedule next term? Pretty please? There is so much potential for cotton wool based publicity too! hehe!

If you’re curious as to the film itself, think Dog Soldiers with Sheep… Sheep Soldiers… yes, that’s it :lol:

please Claire please…its so good!

Its Shear terror!

(taken from imdb :stuck_out_tongue: they have a few more good ones…

double showing!
“There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand… and they’re pissed off!”

We’ve got to show it as currently half of my ideas for next term’s publicity are just for the Black Sheep showing.

When sheep turn baaaaad.

[size=24]It’s flocking awesome![/size]

Any more puns? Please god say NO!

Though Claire it is great. Unless you want WSC crew to revolt I suggest you get it!

let’s say that ewe’ll be in trouble if it’s not on :-p

[size=24]THEY’RE COMING TO GET EWE![/size]

[quote=“Helen”]Any more puns? Please god say NO!

Sorry. But the heroes of the film are really starsheep troopers.

[size=9](Yes, I’m slow to find puns)[/size]