Blade Runner: The Final Cut

My Blade Runner dvd has final arrived, so since fate seems have been determined to stop me seeing the final cut (ie “2nd directors cut”) at the cinema (everwhere it’s on is too far away), a friend and I plan on watching it in L3 after tonights film. So if anyone want to come along to watch it and more importantly help put the speakers away they’re welcome.

Secondly, since the Final Cut seems to be hard to see at cinema around here and Blade Runner is popular with students, does anyone else think we should try and show it term 2 or 3?

Not term 2 as the schedule is already confirmed (a schedule change with the publicity deadline less than a week away might put me in padded room wearing a straight jacket). It sounds like a good film to show in term 3 though.

Maybe a film for the all nighter?