Blood and Ice Cream

The working title for the last Blood and Ice Cream trilogy* film has been announced!

It’s called The World’s End and sounds like it’ll be some sort of doomsday sci-fi film.


Sounds like it won’t be out for ages but they are doing a different collaboration called Paul which starts shooting towards the end of the year.

*The Simon Pegg and Nick Frost collaborations ie Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Good! I loved the first two instalments! Should we have a triple showing of that one?
Is Blood and Ice Cream an official title though?

Yeah, i’d go with a Wednesday, Thursday, Double Friday job :smiley:

That’s what Simon Pegg and Nick Frost call the trilogy. Apparently each film has an ice cream in it somewhere giving the film a flavour which is supposed to be a reference to the Three Colours trilogy.

a reference to what? :oops:

Like a neopolitan?

no, theyre cornetto’s nitwit. one has a mint choc chip and the other vanilla i do believe. next is strawberry then surely?

seems a tad harsh :frowning: You can find out more about Paul here.

Three Colours. You know, those famous French films?

Oh bugger! I’m not 69 anymore. :frowning:

I thought they were vaguely eastern European. I’d say ask the Frenchie, but clearly he’s no good … :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t insult me. Don’t call me French!

How about Gallic ? :stuck_out_tongue:

But Pierre, you are French… as is your name! Otherwise you’re an interesting spelling of an over-water amusement arcade!

Looks like the follow up to Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz (the final film of the trilogy) might actually be getting closer to being made!