Bourne again

Apparently a fourth Bourne film is planned with Matt Damon starring again. :smiley:

Seems that the spotlight’s now on Jeremy Renner.
I think Matt Damon confirmed he definitely wouldn’t do it a couple of years ago (obviously after George’s post).

If I remember correctly Matt Damon dropped out of the film at about the same time Paul Greengrass did. I quite like Jeremy Renner but with absolutely everything changing since the third film I’m worried that its going to end up being a bit crap.

Yeah, I think there was something in your article about Matt saying he’d only do another one if Greengrass was on for it.
Ditto about Renner. And the source book, ‘Bourne Legacy’, is written by someone other than Robert Ludlum, so it could only ever be an imitation. I suppose we should just be thankful that they’re not going for a total reboot and feeding us some alternative origin story… although, I guess there’s time yet.

Is Rachel Weisz in??

The first trailer for Bourne Legacy is now online:

It doesn’t look too bad, although I’m not sure it’ll be as good as the previous films in the franchise.