And Pixar’s latest has released a trailer:

For some reason, due to the accents, I can’t take it seriously!

Ha, ginger people.

I think it will probably end up being Pixar’s third worst film though (ahead of Cars 1 & 2)…

Shh nay-sayers!

Awesome new clip from the film:


Outdoor screening material, methinks!

Reviews are coming in and are not as positive as Pixar are used to (although not bad). :frowning:

It’s rotten tomatoes score currently stands at 74% (the same as Cars). Cars 2 is the only Pixar film with a lower rotten tomatoes score!

I saw Brave earlier today. Not a bad film as such but I couldn’t say that I enjoyed it much more than Cars 2 (I did enjoy the Cars films more than most but still rank them as easily the worst of Pixar). It didn’t really feel like a Pixar film which was one of the more frustrating things. The animation was very impressive though.