As expected, it looks like there’s going to be a very similar line of methodology in Bruno to Borat.

Thankfully, it’s been getting good reviews :slight_smile:

It doesn’t come out until July and there are already reviews?!? :shock:

Wasn’t keen on Borat, probably won’t be keen on that one either.

Sacha Baron Cohen Talks About Interviewing A Terrorist.

My mum thought Bruno was a real person…

Has anybody seen it yet? I’ve not heard much about it, thought it’s done a very clever job of advertising itself…

OJ :!:

Yep I went to see it and thought it was wicked. It’s way better than Borat. He still manages to make the bits filmed in America satirical which is great. Bit too much nudity/sex scenes though :S.

From 24 July, cinema-goers will be able to choose between a 15-rated edit and the original cut:

Not that people weren’t warned about the film: