Budweiser bought out

…this may be of interest to the odd (girly) beer drinker out there (like me :oops: ).

The company that owns and makes Budweiser has been taken over by the group that makes Artois (Stella et al., Bass, Beck’s, Brahma, XXXX, Hoegaarden and Tennent’s, to make the “largest brewery company in the world”. The small matter of $49 billion is a fair bit for the next round :!:

Coincidentally, I had dinner in Normandy two weeks ago with a marketing director for Scottish & Newcastle, the brewing company recently bought out by Heineken and Carlsberg. He talked about the recent takeovers and the consequence that there are now very few major brewers in the world. There are hundreds of microbreweries - some quite successful - but if you buy beer other than real ale anywhere in the world then it was probably brewed by one of only four companies. This is staggering when one considers the hundreds of beers available.

Could anybody other than the Mac come out with a line like that :?: :!:

That’s a bit hypocritical given that he works for the ‘ampersand’ brewery - so called because they shut down the scottish brewery and the newcastle brewery as part of a takeover, just leaving the ‘&’ intact…