Caption Competition

Presenting the first ever WSC caption competition…

I’ll start us off with:

News just in. Al-Qaeda are using car bombs to take out aircraft.

please do not throw low flying aircraft out of your car, use an appropriate rubbish bin - violators will be fined

Danger: Explosive pissing light aircraft may be closer than they appear.

Danger: “Local toffs use expensive space-hoppers”

‘Local road hit by spate of fly-by bootings’

Please refrain from flushing the toilet while flying over the motorway…

Aliens started innovative usage of airplane to aid their experiments.

Time for a new picture


very moreish.

[size=9](My drink went up my nose when I saw this! Amazin’ pic 8) )[/size]

World-saving cat: “Don’t worry arnie… i’ll be back!”

“See you at the party Mittens!”

If you don’t get that then you need to watch Total Recall…

hovercat breaks free of terminator’s clutches

awesome photo!

McDonalds suffers worse than most from the economic downturn.

Ronald goes food-shopping for his restaurants.

In the United States, churches still have a specific status.

Obama backs down - violence now only strictly non-domestic 6 days per week.

When else are people meant to use their guns?!