Car parking controversy!

The University is making some outrageous moves on car parking next year, including:

  • no parking permit for students (including postgraduate students)
  • no more free parking on campus at all (the Health Centre Carpark becomes a premium rate car park.
  • a massive increase in prices (tripling according to some)

Here’s the facebook group and the Union’s response, whilst the University’s page is here

Update on this.

The Union have put information up about their discussions with the university:

Key point of it is that they’re going to introduce a “scratchcard system” where once a month you get 2 free days of parking if you pay for another 10 in advance.

Total saving each term is £12.

If that’s all they’ve achieved from 2 weeks of negotiation you’re forced to wonder why they even bother? :roll:

Looks like I might be getting a lot poorer quite quickly.


Pierre showing his true colours there :wink:

Lol. Pretty fast there, Rob.