Win an Ipod by answering the easiest question in the world. :slight_smile:
This is one to win £150 cinema vouchers (though it doesn’t specify which), though I can’t find the answer online… :cry:

Can anyone help?

Page 13, Fireworks

(searched for each answer. Much quicker than reading)

Thanks Mike. :slight_smile:

Today’s competition is to **win a trip to Iceland **and involves a chance to play with Scrat!

(Undoubtedly the best thing about the Ice Age franchise.) :frown:

Sign up to deals from TicketMaster for a chance to win a £250 giftcard!

Competition where the prize changes every day.

One of the most innovative advertising campaigns I have had seen in a long time… Also a chance to win beer! :slight_smile:

Exquisite chocolates to go with your beer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Win a trip to the land of cuckoo clocks, chocolate and tax havens.

Guess how many Creme eggs it takes to fill a swimming pool to win a hamper of Cadbury’s!!!

Someday, I may enter one of these competitions.

Oooh! An interesting challenge, sir! :mrgreen:

For everyone else, a Jack Daniels gift set?

Will this be enough to rouse you into action, The Mac?

I clicked on the link.

Surely, a chance to win £250 to spend at the Big T is worth entering:huh:

A chance to create your very own British chocolate from Thorntons! :P:P:P

Make that regional chocolate.

Win a trip to Middle Earth!!! :wink:

New laptop?

Chance to live like a lord for two days in a castle?

Test your knowledge of Back to the Future to win a home cinema or an easy Dark Knight Rises question for a laptop.

Have fun bagging potatoes as they fall off the bush and win a sackful of Tyrells crisps! Nom nom. :stuck_out_tongue: