Coolest way to work?

We were discussing on the boat the other day :biggrin: the fact that my trip to work is by car, train, then a 10 minute walk uphill. However, how much more awesome would it be to use these or even this?

If you could choose an alternative to a short walk, which would you pick?

My vote (having seen this on the Gadget show the other day) is for:

The FlyRad

That’s *pretty * good but I have some sharp inclines to get up in the morning so FlyRad just wouldn’t cut it… :sleepy:

Me wants a FlyRad!

I decided a few weeks ago that it would be fun to have a different method of doing my 3 mile commute for each weekday. The bus and the train wouldn’t be allowed since they aren’t really much fun.

Powerizers are one obvious candidate. But now I also want a FlyRad pretty hard. I guess I should get some skates first so that I’ll be FlyRad ready!


Two new suggestions:

One joke, and one prototype!