Could we do this? [Blood & Ice cream trilogy marathon]

Semi-allnighter? Term 3 next year? Or maybe 3 days in a row.

It’s a nice idea, though the last time we showed each of Shaun and the Fuzz they didn’t do very well (as in rather badly) - presumably owing to their frequent appearance on itv! Would be a good debate though - merits vs. the extra cost of the two extra films!

:?: This was on Harry’s original schedule and people advised him against too many trilogies/sequels and prequels etc. and so he removed it.

I personally think that it would be a great thing to do, and there’s a possibility it could still be squeezed back on the Schedule (delete/move Shawshank to fill a gap if we lose a film and have two showings of the trilogy on Fri, Sat Wk 8, though perhaps that’s too close to the AllNighter…)

Harry is away at the minute but it’s probably something worth discussing.

We’d have to do it in Autumn term if we were going to do it though, I think, as:
(a) it would be weird to show it in Autumn normally then again later in the year.
(b) once all three DVDs are out it’s a lot easier to just have the marathon at home, so we wouldn’t want to leave it too late.

This is a pretty good point actually, I know I’ve seen the last 20 mins of Fuzz recently when my housemate had it on the TV.

I guess something to note is that these films don’t benefit as much from marathon watching as whilst they’re related, they aren’t actually sequels or any kind of continuous plot. Maybe we could organise a crew social to watch the other 2 on DVD/Blu-ray in L3 around that time and then World’s End on digital while we have it (at an official or unofficial screening)?