Crank 2

The Empire review for Crank 2 is online and it sounds like its going to be the most fun since… Crank, I suppose.

[quote]This is a film that replaces plot with gratuitous violence, character with gratuitous sex / nudity, and theme with a stripper getting her implants punctured in a gunfight. There’s wince-inducing self-harm, and it may contain scenes of mild peril. Thank god it’s also endlessly entertaining and one of the funniest films of the year.

Full review here

3 stars :smiley:

Me and Natalie were planning on going to see it tomorrow (Friday). Does anyone else want to come along?

And Crank was on one of the ITV channels tonight too…

Natalie! Does this mean no IM tonight??? :x

Crank 2 was awesome!

I can’t believe they actually made a film crazier than the first.

We’re going to see it again this Wednesday (9:45pm as that’s the only showing). Does anyone else want to come?

[size=7]Alternatively you could stay and watch The Family Picture…[/size]

Hang on. You’re gonna go and see Crank a second time on the day Wolverine is released? :shock:

I’d have more fun injecting molten adamantium into my left testicle. FACT!

Not sure whether my 2 for 1 will work on Wolverine. I remember something about films on the day of release being exempt from it.

Lol! :smiley:

Yes, please.

I like the little bit at the end of this article about Wolverine: BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Wolverine gala shuns LA glamour

  • it appears he can handle just about anything. Except pig flu. Not such a tough guy, eh?