Dark *all* Knight?

The BBC are reporting that the IMAX in London are considering showing The Dark Knight around the clock in order to meet demand.

I can see why, given that:

[quote]The Dark Knight features six sequences shot with Imax cameras and marks the first time that a major feature film has ever been partially shot using the Imax format.

Unlike traditional 35mm film which usually appears in “letterbox” format, scenes shot with Imax cameras on 15/70mm film will expand vertically to fill the entire screen. [/quote]

Sounds like fun! Actually, sounds like the sort of place that we’ll have tto go to at some point, given that the…


Why doesn’t WSC has the ability to show IMAX? Now that would be awesome!
On other fronts, a French cinema magazine offers Dark Knight postcards - anyone interested?

Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me! Wait, are they any good?