David Carradine found dead


Sad news. Sounds like suicide from the article.

I hadn’t realised how many films he’d made (for the last few years in particular he’s got dozens of films listed on imdb). I think I’ve only seen him in Kill Bill, Crank 2 and Deathrace 2000.

Could be suicide. Though depends which other parts of his body the rope was tied around. Then it becomes a bit more dodge, and more a ‘misadventurous’ death…

Kathryn… what a sick mind you have! You’re not inferring that he was engaged in some sort of rope involving happy fun sesh, are you?

Apparently some people get kicks from it. Pretty weird though.

Heaven forbid. I mean maybe he was keeping fit by skipping in his hotel room with a skipping rope, naked, and he got a bit tangled up. What a mind you have, Wob. And yes, Aiden, that’s another theory. Just like Michael Hutchence. We had a discussion about this kinda thing in an English class at school.

But Kathryn, he was found in a wardrobe :!:

And it says that it was a cord - perhaps he was going for some sort of electric therapy?!

Maybe he was deciding how best to come out of the closet (!) (yes. that was terrible.)

I have also just realised the forums time keeping is abysmal. The clock’s all wrong. Is this a new gimmick or have I never noticed it before?

It’s correct on my account.

it’s an hour behind on mine… :?

Were you on the computer in the exec office Kathryn? It usually tells me the wrong time on facebook I haven’t noticed on the forums but I’d imagine it is the same!

If you go to the top of the forum page and click on Profile you can change the time on your account. It needs to be GMT+1. Ideally the forums would adjust for British Summer Time automatically but they don’t.

Indeedly to what Aiden said. If your time is waaaa-hey out, then that’s worrying for your computer :!:

It’s gotten more controversial:


and more, so, robbo:

and MORE so:

gotta love the gossip vehicle.

Well i never… it’s just like the film Dave, only without the lookalike continuing in his place… yet :!: